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Best Father/Daughter Dance Ever!

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In her dad’s words: “My daughter has always found her own path. She played Flag football at 6. She hated wearing dresses. She wore a tuxedo to her first communion. She lettered in Soccer and Track. She then became an Engineer for the largest automaker in the world when she was 22. I could not imagine having a traditional father ... Read More »

Now I want Ice Cream

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A couple years ago at the MN State Fair, I took on the 10,000 calorie challenge and tried to eat 10,00 calories of fair food in one day. I couldn’t continue after about 8,500. Even with that experience, I want to eat this whole ice cream sundae. RIGHT. NOW. Yum! Read More »

Gator Vs Truck


Just another reminder of why I like living in MN, no gators! I personally would have just reversed my vehicle. Shows how strong of a bite they can have and don’t have a problem facing something ten times their size! Nope. Read More »