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Pizza Hut Order Helps Mom And Kids In Hostage Situation


Bravo to the hostage and Pizza Hut employees for acting on this situation. The hostage included the message “Please help. Get 911 to me,” in the section for her delivery instructions, as well the message “911hostage help!” Click here to read more about this story. Read More »


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Well here is a website where you upload a picture, and the facial recognition feature will tell you how much of a dude you look like. Try it. Its dumb fun. And I like dumb fun. Here’s our same picture from last week with this new website. Read More »

Why is Justin Timberlake a Lime?


Well… it’s the riches-to-rags story of … Limes.   Justin.. plays a lime. It’s a commercial for a new Tequila.  But.. still brings a tear to your eye. – Darrin   Read More »

Lava Tube Draining Lost Lake

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Scientists are not sure where the tube goes but “experts believe that the water from the lake drains into a porous aquifer and eventually turns into a spring.” Read More »

Dolphins fascinated with a cat who quickly becomes their friend


I know I posted a dolphin video yesterday but in my professional opinion, one cannot have too many dolphin OR cat videos in their life. Especially when they are together AND when they are friends. It’s so much cute in one video! Look how the kitty craves a dolphin snuggle.. I could watch this forever. Read More »