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A 2 Million Dollar Pool….


From the Animal Planet’s show called “Pool Masters”, here’s a private swimming pool that really does have it all. As the temps and humidity climb during Fair Week, imagine diving into this bad boy! - Darrin

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Where It All Began

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.51.10 AM

Curious about the origin of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’? Watch this incredible video about one man’s heroic journey battling ALS, and how he garnered so much support and attention for the disease. Pretty inspiring, huh?

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Don’t Look Down on Me

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.26.54 PM

A truly captivating and honest video documenting the day in the life of a 22 year old with Achondroplasia. “The next time you see someone who is different than you, think about what their day might be like, think about all the events of their life leading up to that point, and think about their day and think about what part ...

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