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Security guard in Georgia is caught playing piano when he thinks he is alone, he doesn’t know he was recorded


I always find when musicians are alone, that’s when they do their best. It is when emotion is in it’s most raw form and when music is at it’s purest. But obviously, being alone means well… you’re alone, it’s nice to catch a glimpse of a solitary moment between a man and his music. I love the piece played in this ... Read More »

These parents just might be control freaks


This birthday invite for their son’s first birthday, that’s right FIRST birthday, is so demanding and condescending, it makes me feel a bit sorry for their son. If you got this invite, how would you respond? View post on Read More »

The Hoff is back!

David Hasselhoff

Slo-mo. Fire. Cars. Kung Fu. Dinosaurs. The Hoff. This video starts out great. And it just keeps getting better and better and better until the end! Now I want to ride a dinosaur… Read More »

Girl sends message to Dad in Space


We’re lucky that if our kids want to get a hold of us, they can just text us, or call us, whenever they want. Not this young lady.  Her Dad is in Space.  So, how do you get a message to him he can read? This car company had an idea… pretty cool. – Darrin   Read More »