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Swan Duckling Rescue

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This witty man rescued a little Swan duckling from a fence! Luckily, he didn’t have too hard a time keeping the dad Swan calm

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Mother’s Last Dance

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Mary was terribly sick with cancer, but held on to dance with her son on his wedding day. She passed away 3 days later. The sweetest story on the strength of a mother’s love

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True Love Does Exist

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This heartwarming video proves true love never forgets! Your heartstrings will be tugged and you’ll find yourself hugging the closest thing to you. *crying*

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Open Your Eyes, Guys!


Shannon chopped 6 inches off her hair and Ryan didn’t even notice!  Here is a pic of her choppy, shorter cut.  Does it work? Two bits of advice: Guys, NOTICE and say “You look smokin’!” Do not make her be the one to tell you she got a haircut and then say, “You got a haircut? Oh, it’s cute” (Shannon’s ...

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Oh No You Didn’t!!


He planned this for months. Boat ride? Check. Friends and family? Check. Signs on the shore when you ride up? Check. Propose? Check. Hand her the engagement ring? Check… uh… NO! Yep. She knocks it from his hand… into the lake. Fail! – Darrin

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Staci & Crisco pull a hidden camera prank on Moon

Fake Cameras

Staci & Crisco found a couple of fake web cams and put them up in the studio to freak out Moon. The bosses and even the higher-ups at the station were in on it too! Moon bought it hook, line and sinker, so Staci & Crisco had to reveal the prank the next day. Moon’s reaction was priceless! Here are ...

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