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Participants in shows like ‘The Apprentice,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’ reveal poor conditions behind scenes

Donald Trump

One contestant said “The first few days in, I’m thinking, ‘Is this fun, or is this a cruel experiment?’ ” Contestants, he says, average two hours of sleep a night, are fed at the whims of production, and can’t talk to each other during breaks in filming— and those breaks can last six hours. Other contestants reveal poor conditions from other shows ... Read More »

What Would You Do – Amanda pt.2


We got a lot of people weighing in on this topic. Amanda found a letter written by her husband stating he wanted to leave her. He never gave Amanda the letter because around the same time, she became pregnant with their first child. This is part 2 of Amanda’s story.   Read More »

The Main Event Mash-UP

Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood

Are you as excited for the Main Event Tour with New Kids on the Block and TLC as Shannon? If you are, check out DJ Earworm’s Mash-up of all the acts performing on the tour. Click Here to check it out! Read More »