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Minnesota meteorologist finds coat hanger in his suit on air


HA! Was anyone watching this live? Our own Dave Dahl would never do something like this, he is way too into fashion and makes sure everything down to his socks are perfect before he goes on air… Ok maybe not.. I love candid moments like this on the news, sometimes I’ll just sit for an hour and watch news bloopers on Youtube. ... Read More »

Car-Pooling with Carey


New host of “The Late Late Show”, James Corden, had a little help driving into work.  None other than Mariah Carey! If you could drive into work with a celeb, who would it be? – Darrin   Read More »

Breakfast Art!


Delicious cereal art made into Beyonce, John Lennon, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson! Which one is your favorite? Read More »