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Lost voicemail of a mans wife who passed away 14 years ago was just found and played back to him


Such a sweet moment to eavesdrop into, and thanks to Virgin Mobile for working around the clock to make this happen. Stan’s wife died of stomach cancer in 2003. He’d had her voice as his voicemail greeting for 14 years and had resisted changing providers because no one would promise him that they could retain her greeting in their system. ... Read More »

Snickers, Snickers, Snickers!


The Big Game is Sunday, and with it come the commercials! NOT like the Old days, when you had to actually WAIT for the Game to see them… Now they’re released a week before… which really takes all the fun out of it. But Creatively?! There are still some good ones! Remember when the boys hit Marsha in the nose ... Read More »

Amanda’s Letter pt. 3


Amanda found a letter written by her husband stating he wanted to leave her. He never gave Amanda the letter because around the same time, she became pregnant with their first child. This is part 3 of Amanda’s story. ICYMI, here’s Part 2.   Read More »