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Ferrell Takes the Field

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Will Ferrell has found a way to raise money for charity.  He’s made a documentary for HBO.  Remember when Will kept showing up at baseball games this Spring acting goofy (like he does)?  He was filming a documentary for HBO.  He “joined” 10 different major league baseball teams and played 10 different positions with a camera crew in tow.  You ... Read More »

Bad Field Trips

School Bus on a Bright Summer Day

Was was the worst school field trip you ever went on? Click here to read some funny ones! “We took a 45 minute bus ride to a bridge. A freaking bridge. We split up into two groups. One stood on top while the other group stood underneath. Then we switched and went back to school.” Read More »

Our friend Jo Jo met One Direction (update)


One Direction could not have been nicer. We were so happy to JoJo smile . A huge thank you to everyone who made this happen!     Jo Jo is a 10 year old with a brave heart and a big battle.  She is fighting cancer for the second time and in addition to that, she had to undergo two ... Read More »