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Stereotypes: Restaurant

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Dude Perfect is at it again with this hilarious sketch of stereotypes in restaurants. Have you ever encountered any of these?  

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Minute Miracle

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Kelly’s 87 year old mother with Alzheimer’s, recognized her for a moment. What a truly beautiful moment it was!

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How To For Teenagers

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Many parents can attest that it’s nearly impossible to get your teen to pick up after themselves. One dad decided to get creative and give a ‘how to’ lesson on social media for his kids. Today’s lesson? How to change to the toilet roll

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Mom Prank: Bella Gets Busted


Shannon’s daughter Bella is a huge prankster. She is always getting Shanny so it was time to turn the tables for back to school!  Shannon told Bella that kids go back to school on Labor Day this year. Bella had to go to bed early the night before, wake up at the crack of dawn, rush to make the bus ...

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Mom Makeover

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Christopher Hopkins can’t remember the last time he saw his mom without makeup on. In this video, he gives here a styling new ‘do and gets to see her natural beauty!

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