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Brother is that you?

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Imagine you lost your brother in a car crash a few years ago…then you are introduced to someone you have never met before, and you are looking at your brother’s face….literally. Rebekah Aversano was meeting Richard Norris, the man who received Joshua’s donation for a face transplant procedure.  Richard had been horribly disfigured 15 years earlier in a shotgun accident ... Read More »

Beware: The Doghouse!


I’ve spent MY Time here.  Every man has.  If you think you haven’t… you’re wrong… you have. You just weren’t paying attention.  Which is why you’re either: A – Still IN the doghouse.  OR B – Single. Watch.  Learn. – Darrin   Read More »

Turn any image into a playable Super Mario Bros. level!

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A new program called Screentendo, will turn any random image on your computer into a playable Super Mario Bros. level. Just drag the Screentendo window over something on your desktop, and the program will take a screenshot, then turn it into an 8-bit Mario level. Your welcome. Read More »

College Humor Asks: Is your Hero, a Hero?


Today’s Subject:  Uncle Jesse from TV’s “Full House”. News is out that there will be a new “Full House” show coming soon.   As that nears, we look  back on the super cool Uncle Jesse!  The Band, The Hair, The Motorcycle… so cool. Or.. WAS he? Who was YOUR TV hero?  Think about it… in hindsight… Hero or Loser? – Darrin ... Read More »

Nature Is Scary!

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A woman was at work in Dublin when a storm began.  She decided to record the weather event on her phone.  What she didn’t know is how close she was to getting hit by lightning. Read More »