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3 Song Showdown: Goodbye Songs

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Every Friday we play the 3 Song Showdown. We pick the hooks from three of our favorite songs within the week’s category and put them up against each other. This week’s Showdown Category is…Goodbye Songs in honor of Ryan being on vacation this week.   Read More »

Paul Magers: Was there a bee in the studio?

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Paul Magers left KARE 11 for Los Angeles 10 years ago but he’s hard to forget.  Especially after this….Some goofy dance moves have a lot of people watching Paul. At the end of a recent broadcast on his newscast in LA, he started “dancing” his way off of the set. (More like odd high stepping.) Check it out for yourself! ... Read More »

Not #TheDress Again!

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Here We Go Again! I went shopping and found a cute dress for my mom. I sent a photo to her and she said, “It’s pretty but I can’t wear black….” I say the dress isn’t black. What do you think? Read More »