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These parents just might be control freaks


This birthday invite for their son’s first birthday, that’s right FIRST birthday, is so demanding and condescending, it makes me feel a bit sorry for their son. If you got this invite, how would you respond? View post on Read More »

The Hoff is back!

David Hasselhoff

Slo-mo. Fire. Cars. Kung Fu. Dinosaurs. The Hoff. This video starts out great. And it just keeps getting better and better and better until the end! Now I want to ride a dinosaur… Read More »

Girl sends message to Dad in Space


We’re lucky that if our kids want to get a hold of us, they can just text us, or call us, whenever they want. Not this young lady.  Her Dad is in Space.  So, how do you get a message to him he can read? This car company had an idea… pretty cool. – Darrin   Read More »

Staci & Crisco talk with The Veronicas


Lisa and Jessica from the band The Veronicas stopped by the studio to talk to Staci & Crisco. Crisco found some common ground with them over his love of wrestling. And they talked about the difference between American and Australian culture. Read More »