Are You Sleep Deprived?

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Do you feel fully rested when you wake up in the morning?  Do you feel exhausted through your day?  You might be sleep deprived!  The video below has a simple 60 second test that will determine if you’re sleep deprived, and help you get a solid nights rest…

Here are 10 science-based sleep tips to help improve your sleep

1) Listen to relaxing music. We have produced a piece of music that is scientifically designed to help you fall asleep. You can listen to it HERE.

2) Banish the blues: Avoid using computers, smartphones or tablets in the 2 hours before you head to bed. The blue light stimulates your brain and prevents you feel sleepy.

3) The list: Make a list of all of the things that you have to do the next day or that are playing on your mind. This helps prevent you laying in bed thinking about these issues.

4) Tire your brain: If you are struggling to sleep, make your brain tied by thinking of an animal for each letter of the alphabet (‘A’ is for ‘Ant’, ‘B’ is for ‘Bear’).

5) Move your bed: You have evolved to feel safe when you can spot danger early and have time to run away, and so will feel most relaxed when your bed faces the door and is furthest from it.

6) Reach for a banana: Eat a banana before you head to bed. They’re rich in carbohydrates, and these help relax your body and brain.

7) Reverse psychology: Actively trying to stay awake actually makes you feel tired, so try keeping your eyes open and focus on not falling asleep.

8) Wear socks: If you have bad circulation, your feet will get cold and cause sleeplessness. To avoid the problem, wear a pair of warm socks to bed.

9) Avoid the lure of the nightcap: Although a small amount of alcohol puts you to sleep quicker, it also gives you a more disturbed night and disrupts dreaming.

10) Do a jigsaw: If you lie awake for more than 20 minutes, get up and do something non-stimulating for a few minutes, such as working on a jigsaw.

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