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Pick a movie. Remove 1 letter. Draw the result.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.11.13 AM

Austin Light is an artist who took a reddit idea to a new level. The original idea was ‘Pick a move, remove a letter, give a brief description’. Austin, however, used his illustrating skills to draw the resulting movie. Check out his drawings! They are really funny!   Obocop. The story of how a police officer works through his PTSD ... Read More »

Are all the Pixar movies connected?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.11.10 AM

What?!?!? Jon Negroni’s theory about Pixar characters came out last summer when he provided an in-depth analysis suggesting every Pixar movie, from Brave to Ratatouille to WALL-E, took place in the same universe. So some animators put together an 8-minute video to help visualize Negroni’s complicated timeline. Mind. Blown. Meep Meep Beaker   Read More »

Staci & Crisco pull a hidden camera prank on Moon

Fake Cameras

Staci & Crisco found a couple of fake web cams and put them up in the studio to freak out Moon. The bosses and even the higher-ups at the station were in on it too! Moon bought it hook, line and sinker, so Staci & Crisco had to reveal the prank the next day. Moon’s reaction was priceless! Here are ... Read More »

#TBT: Tom Brady’s college resume

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots, shared his college resume on Facebook today. I wonder what kind of job he was trying to get and if the resume would have landed him a job if the NFL hadn’t worked out for him. Click here to see his resume from 1999. Do you have your first resume? Share ... Read More »

DuckTales Theme with Real Ducks!

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I grew up with DuckTales and Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. And I can’t not sing along whenever I hear the theme song, so when I saw this video of the theme song made with real ducks, I had to share it. Here’s the original cartoon theme if you need a refresher: -Beaker meep meep!     Read More »