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Why is this man being pulled over?


It’s not what you think… he was pulled over for wearing a seatbelt!  Yes.  This officer pulls people over, to thank them for being safe drivers… and then hand’s them cash!! Any of our Twin Cities finest who would like to do the same for me, I will gladly give you my route both too and from work each day!  ... Read More »

We are in trouble! IF there’s a Zombie-Apocalypse…


Just call us “Zombie-Sota”. According to new research Minnesota would be crawling with the UN-dead should there ever be a Zombie-Apocalypse. Based on several factors including: Fitness, Military personnel, Zombie knowledge, and the amount of people with survival skills INCLUDING Laser Tag… See where each state ranks right here. Better to be prepared! – Darrin Read More »

Guys do their Girlfriend’s Make-up.


I think this would be an excellent way to truly understand what our beautiful, loving, Wives and Girlfriends go thru each and every day.  Ok, ALMOST every day.  Maybe not the weekends.  Or camping.  But you get the point. How easy would it be to apply makeup to your Wife or Girlfriend?  Try it!  Could be fun! – Darrin Read More »

Whole New Way To Pass Time In Traffic…


As we deal with the last bit of snow of the season (hopefully), let’s all remember this video as we slug along in those terminal traffic jams. When stopped, instead of yelling at the drivers around you… make the BEST of it! Read More »

Teen Sues Parents for Tuition


An 18 year old girl has begun the process of Suing her parents. Is she spoiled?  Or are the Parents at fault? Here’s the Story! If I had pulled anything like this at 18, I may not have seen 19!! – Darrin Read More »

Oscars Are This Sunday!


Not up on this years Oscar nominees?  Have been just TOO busy to see ALL of them? Well here’s a quick refresher course.  As portrayed by KIDS! – Darrin Read More »

Written Contracts With The Kids.


Every Parent knows just how hard it can be to motivate the kids to do even the smallest things sometimes. Have you ever tried a Written Contract?  One that outlines duties, fines, fees, etc… ? Here’s a very basic one you could try. Read More »

Mandy reunites with his first kiss…


On a recent visit with Kelly & Michael, actor Mandy Patinkin gets a chance to re-connect with a few of his past loves.  His first kiss, and his College Girlfriend. The genuine look of surprise and happiness is infectious.  Makes ya think.. Is there an ex you’ve lost touch with you’d like to reconnect with?   Read More »

Think YOU are having a bad day?


We are almost thru another week.  Another large snow storm approaching.  Kids may have another snow day, which means you may have to find someplace for them to go, or miss another day of work. As all of this begins to weigh you down, always remember:  Someone, somewhere, has had a worse day. Example:  A woman in Germany was out ... Read More »

A refresher course on Internet Grammar…


You know what I’m talking about. Those people who have completely forgotten everything they learned in 3rd grade as it pertains to basic grammar skills. OR, in internet vernacular: “There not two shure how too wryte there wurds wright” – Darrin Read More »