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Gym Stereotypes

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As working out is a common activity amongst humans, you’re bound to run into an assortment of characters. Which stereotype have you seen? Read More »

Conan & Dave Franco Join Tinder

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For those of you who don’t know, Tinder is the newest dating site everyone’s talking about. And when you put Conan and Dave Franco on it? It’s plain hilarious. Read More »

Just One Of The Guys

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If you haven’t checked out Jenny Lewis’s latest video for her song “Just One Of The Guys’. You need to. Anne hathaway AND Kristin Stewart are just two things that will make you smile. Read More »

Born To Run

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Dogs running after a stick in their wheelchairs will seriously give you the happiest of feels. They were born to run!! Read More »

Daft Punk Gets a Makeover

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You have to listen to these two fellows perform Daft Punk’s hits acoustic style!! Definitely impressive – you like?   Read More »

Planet of The Apes Time-Lapse

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Watch the incredible four hour process that is creating a “Planet of the Apes” character! What Hollywood creature would you like to be turned into? Read More »

Dog Meet Egg

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An egg can be quite the mysterious thing for a dog! His reaction is priceless Read More »