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Up Close and Personal

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Normally, when deer sense a human presence they scatter. This one? Definitely one of the friendlier deer! Take a look at how he reacted Read More »


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This inspiring story about Ben Jackson, a sports enthusiast with Cerebral Palsy, defines hard work. He is truly one courageous man!   Read More »

Wickedly Awesome

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Take a step back, Frozen, and respect your elder, the ultimate musical: Wicked. These two created the most epic a cappella version of the best Wicked songs! Read More »

A Leader Is Born!

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This 15 month old boy ‘controlled’ 500 boys at camp! Overall, this video is just the sweetest. Read More »

Disney Fly Medley

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Once you hear this A Cappella arrangement of “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan, “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins and “When I See An Elephant Fly” from Dumbo, you’ll want to watch your fav Disney classics all over again! Read More »


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Old age won’t stop this grandpa from showin’ off his moves! Who says you can’t have fun when you get older? Read More »