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Selfies Anonymous

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Are you addicted to taking selfies? Do you post a selfie at least once a day?? Then perhaps it’s time for you to join the rest of the ‘selfers’ in Selfies Anonymous. Read More »

Elephants Playing In The Rain

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One elephant family was rescued and transported to an Elephant farm where they were able to play in the rain for the first time! Watching this will giving the happiest of tears, you may just join in and splash around in some puddles! Read More »

Puppy Love

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This video of a puppy comforting his best friend during a nightmare is the sweetest!! *Hearts melting* Read More »

Mermaids Are Real

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Did you ever want to be a mermaid when you grew up? Well, now you can! Take a look at these real life mermaids Read More »

TBT: Susan Boyle

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#ThrowBackThursday takes you all the way back to May 2009 when Susan Boyle first shocked her audience with her performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” Does she still give you chills? Read More »