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The New Running Man

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This man has perfected a new form of the ‘Running Man’ and we love it! You keep doing you, sir! Read More »

Bubble Prank

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One guy went around Home Depot blowing bubbles at costumers, while filming their reaction! Would you ever try a prank like this? Read More »

Dancing On My Own

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Sometimes you just need to dance like no ones watching! And not have your family secretly film you… Read More »

Discovering gravity

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Mudd absolutely adores his trampoline and looks darn cute while doing it What does your dog get a kick out of? Read More »

TMNT Then vs. Now

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For all your committed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans out there, we wanna know: which version of the TMNT song do you like the best? Read More »

J’adore Paris

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One man spent three weeks in Paris to capture all of it’s beauty and glory. We’d say he did a pretty decent job… can we move there please?? Read More »