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Midnight Meadows

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Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey should rule the world together. Or at least, make awesome soaps with changing voices like they do here on, Midnight Meadows! Read More »

Hobbit Office

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SNL created this hilarious skit mixing ‘The Hobbit’ with ‘The Office’!! This is too funny. Poor Bilbo! Read More »

Grand Canyon Cloud Inversion

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A cloud inversion happens when air is warmer in the sky than on the ground. Watch what it looks like in this time-lapse video of the Grand Canyon!! This is seriously awesome. Imagine walking through it!! Read More »

Horrible Christmas Gifts

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When this father gave his children horrible Christmas gifts, he didn’t expect them to react like this! Their accents are the most adorable thing ever! Read More »

20 Years In The Making

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Watch this incredibly inspiring video of one amazing man, Bruce Farrer, who mailed letters to his students. The best part? They wrote these letters 20 years ago. We have a lot to learn from Bruce! Read More »