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Ikea means love

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A couple that’s just met races against a couple who’ve been married for 10 years to see who can build Ikea furniture the fastest. What’s the swedish word for frustration? Read More »


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So, this is what happens when a baby hears a Lion roar for the first time! Read More »

Teacher Appreciation

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Mrs. Flexer taught for 41 years and got an incredible retirement party Who was your favorite teacher? Read More »

A Love Massage

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An affectionate cat gives this sleeping baby a little love massage You can all say ‘Awwwhhhh’ now! Read More »

I didn’t mean to:(

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This adorable 4 year old learned the hard way what it means to delete a picture. Her reaction is priceless Read More »

Pipe Guy

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Stop what you’re doing and watch this epic performance from ‘Pipe Guy’. It’s truly something you’ve never seen before! Read More »


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Yes. Prancercising is back in, guys!! Here’s a helpful video to show you how Read More »

Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

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Another Hollywood legend, Lauren Bacall, died at the age of 89 from a stroke. She was an iconic and classic face in the world and will be dearly missed. What is your favorite movie of Lauren’s? Read More »