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20 Years In The Making

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Watch this incredibly inspiring video of one amazing man, Bruce Farrer, who mailed letters to his students. The best part? They wrote these letters 20 years ago. We have a lot to learn from Bruce! Read More »

Seeing Double

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This super cute baby has absolutely NO idea what to do when he’s introduced to twins! His reaction is priceless! Read More »

The Cicret Bracelet

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The Cicret Bracelet has giant ambitions. They propose a bracelet that allows you to access your phone on your arm. Do you think this is possible? Read More »

All About That Space

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NASA has decided to board the Meghan Trainor train and debut their super cool cover of ‘All About That Space’. You go NASA, you go! Read More »

What’s In A Chicken Nugget?

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Have you ever wondered what is in a chicken nugget from McDonald’s? Well, this man sought out the answer and is here to show you the truth! Not as bad as you thought, huh? Read More »

Insurgent Trailer

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Are you in love with the Divergent Series? Well, you’re in luck! The new ‘Insurgent’ trailer is here!! Are you excited? Read More »