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Circle Of Life

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The cast of “Lion King” gave a surprise performance on the subway in New York! How awesome is this? Definitely gives you chills Read More »

The Real Homeless Man Experiment

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Sandy, a homeless man, took part in an experiment seeing if he would receive more kindness dressed as a business man, or as himself. The end result may surprise you. Read More »

Real Life Superheroes

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One man got his leg caught between the subway and the platform. Luckily, with the strength of the crowd, they were able to push the train far enough that he could get free! Who says you need to be bit by a radioactive spider to save the day? Read More »


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The new Cheerios commercial is a shout out to all dads everywhere and it’s AWESOME. You go, dad! Read More »

Shannon’s Blue Hue

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Shannon was trying to show off her blue hair extensions from Glamorama this past weekend when she got “Bella Bombed” by her daughter.  LOL!  Is it cool for a Mom to have blue highlights?  Is Shannon pulling it off? Read More »

MJ’s Still Got It

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Michael Jordan proved he hasn’t missed a step by draining 11 shots in a row during AT camp. #23 Read More »