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Microsoft thinks it knows how old you are based on your picture.


Upload a picture and your face will be examined! You will be told if you look older or younger than your real age. Then put in your friends. Especially the ones who look really old. Have fun with it! Click here to try it out! Staci is the only one of us that’s happy with our results. Read More »

Andy Grammer stops by to talk with Moon, Staci & Crisco

Andy with KS95 Sweatshirt

Before our Live95, Andy Grammer stopped by the studio to talk with Moon, Staci & Crisco. He broke out his guitar and made Moon, Staci & Crisco rap, and he sang a little bit of his new song, “Honey I’m Good”. BONUS FOOTAGE of Staci quizzing Andy on other famous Andys. We're so excited for #Live95 tonight with @andygrammer! Stay ... Read More »

Staci & Crisco talk with The Veronicas


Lisa and Jessica from the band The Veronicas stopped by the studio to talk to Staci & Crisco. Crisco found some common ground with them over his love of wrestling. And they talked about the difference between American and Australian culture. Read More »