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How did this guy NOT get hit by this train?

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Close calls are freaky. Especially when they are THIS close. Close calls with cars and trains are one thing, but 77-year-old man from the Czech Republic had a close call with a train that blows my mind! How did the train miss him?!?!?! Read More »

Does anyone actually believe those things in infomercials are really THAT hard?

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I’ve seen plenty of infomercials and I’ve always found it funny that the people that struggle in them are so inept at some relatively easy actions. Yes, the product does generally solve a problem, but does anyone actually believe that the problem is THAT much of an urgent need? Distractify put together a compilation of infomercial struggles, and it’s quite hilarious! ... Read More »

Does this insect hive remind anyone else of Scream?


Reddit user CountBubs posted a picture earlier today of an insect hive in his dad’s shed. The shed had been empty for a couple of years, but he finally opened it up to find this massive insect hive that had fused with a mask. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I would just burn the whole shed down. I don’t want to deal with that! ... Read More »

Minnesota Nice at the Boston Marathon

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Mike Johnson from Stillwater ran in the Boston Marathon and was able to help a fellow runner across the finish line when he couldn't make it to the end. Mike said this type of help was given by many runners throughout the race, but his act was just in front of a camera Read More »

Distracted Driving Interview with Lt. Eric Roeske


Distracted driving is illegal — and dangerous. Yet hundreds of people are ticketed every year in Minnesota for not paying attention behind the wheel. In fact, 6,412 have been cited since 2009. Here are some tips from the Minnesota State Patrol’s Facebook page. We learned a lot about distracted driving when we had Lt. Roeske come in the studio to answer ... Read More »

Adorable Pets and Owners Match [WARNING: CUTE]


Pets often become some of our closest friends and a huge part of our family. Have you seen this super adorable matching dog and child, Zoey and Jasper? They match with hats and glasses and even a towel on their heads! We thought Zoey and Jasper were the most adorable kid-canine combo that we wanted to try to match our pets! Moon doesn't currently have a pet, but Staci was gracious enough to lend him her dogs. Who matches the best? Read More »

We are our own worst critics

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Here’s a lesson in first impressions. People look in a mirror and describe what they see in themselves not knowing there’s someone behind the mirror describing them. Read More »