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Moon & Crisco Lock Lips (for a good cause)

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The Twizzler Challenge started earlier this week, and we thought we’d get in on the fun. The Twizzler Challenge involves Lady and the Tramp-style eating on two sides of a Twizzler in the name of autism awareness (and fundraising). We took listener votes and Moon & Crisco got the most votes, so they accepted the challenge! You’re up next Ryan ... Read More »

Moon & Crisco’s football bet payoff

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Moon & Crisco made a bet at the beginning of the NFL season that Staci wouldn’t watch a full football game by the Superbowl. The loser had to rub the winner’s feet. When Staci watched and wrote a report on the NFC Championship game, Moon had to payoff the bet and rub Crisco’s feet. Staci’s report is really entertaining for ... Read More »