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Instagram, Meet Fingernails

painted nails

Your morning coffee. Your sleeping cat. Your friend “dancing”. Your new pair of shoes. If you can Instagram it, soon you might be able to get it on your fingernails! A new Kickstarter project, NailSnaps, wants to turn your Instagram pictures into custom stickers that you can apply to your nails in seconds. Currently the project has $9,981 pledged of the total ... Read More »

Oscar nominees then and now

Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong'o, Jared Leto

What did the Oscar nominees look like then? And now? Take a look and you may think some may look better now that they are older! Click here to see the pictures. Read More »

2014 Oscar Winners [POLL]

Jehane Noujaim, Karim Amer

Here’s your chance to vote for the Oscars. The ceremony is this Sunday, but let us know who you think should win Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress here before the awards are given out. We’ll see if the Twin Cities can correctly pick the winners. If you need a refresher or summary for the categories, we’ve got you ... Read More »

Reinventing the Door


It's something you use everyday, but have you ever thought about trying to improve and reinvent your average, everyday door? This guy did. And it's awesome! Read More »

New On-Line Fad. Watching Someone Eat.


Ever just have that urge to sit in front of your computer and do something completely different? Well now you can! The latest thing in South Korea is to PAY… to watch.. someone EAT! Sounds crazy right?  But think about it. ‘Would I let someone PAY me.. to watch me eat.. on the web-cam? Yes.  Yes I would. Read More »

Are you this attached to your motorcycle?


Bikers love their motorcycles. Here’s a guy that loved his Harley so much that when he died, he paid embalmers big bucks to mount him on the bike and bury him AND his bike. WOW! Click here to see the pics and read more. Read More »