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Did you see Beaker on American Idol last night?

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He’s made it to the big time. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget about us on his rise to fame. @RyanSeacrest Schmeacrest…Did you see BEAKER on @AmericanIdol last night? He’s the big deal. — Staci Matthews (@StaciKS95) January 22, 2015 He even got a selfie “with” Ryan Seacrest! You can vote for him for ‘Best Supporting Performance Behind a Camera ... Read More »

Top 10 Doritos SuperBowl Commercial Finalists Announced

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The SuperBowl is coming up and with it comes a ton of new commercials. Here are the finalists for Doritos this year. 1. Doritos Angler by James Bedford 2. Baby’s First Word by Travis Braun 3. Selfish Sneezers by Devon Ferguson 4. The Lemonade Stand by David Horowitz 5. Trouble in the Back Seat by Jason Johnson 6. Mis-Spelling Bee ... Read More »