The Backstreet Boys release new single, “Chances”

The Backstreet Boys release new single, “Chances”

They were there when boy bands were all the rage, and they will be there until their dying day! The Backstreet Boys are literally the boy band that won’t give up! They’re like “fetch” (you know … that slang word from England) except they actually did have a good run back in the day.

One thing the Backstreet Boys did teach us that other boy bands didn’t was brotherhood. Every other boy band has disbanded in search of solo stardom, but through it all these five have remained intact … for the most part.

Watch and listen to their latest single, “Chances” below:

Some of our favorites from the Backstreet Boys vault:

1) Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

2) Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

3) Larger Than Life

4) Incomplete (from the 2009 comeback)

5) I Want It That Way

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