Bruno Mars points out wonky lyric in his hit song, “Grenade”

Bruno Mars points out wonky lyric in his hit song, “Grenade”

When Bruno Mars released his hit song, “Grenade” back in 2011, we were all in love! So much so that it made number one, but what we didn’t realize is there is a critical flaw in one of the lyrics.

And now years later, it’s none other than Bruno Mars who points it out this inconsistent lyric. In the song the lyric goes like this, “Should’ve known you was trouble / from the first kiss / had your eyes wide open / why were they open?”

But guess what? How would you know her eyes were open unless YOUR eyes were open, too. And that is exactly what Mars decided to point out.

Either way we still love the song, but it just goes to show you that even the greatest of things in life have critical flaws. There are probably hundreds of glaring errors all over this website, but this website is still sparks so much joy! #humblebrag

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