Craig Ferguson Is Leaving…

Since tapped to host “The Late Late Show” back in 2005, Craig’s unique style has made him one of the most loved hosts on TV.  Over the years there has been no big secret that while Letterman’s “World-Wide Pants” company is in charge of the show, Craig and Dave have not been super close.

In the wake of Letterman naming Stephen Colbert his heir apparent for “The Late Show” next year Ferguson has decided to not renew his contract with CBS when it expires in December.

Too bad.  Of ALL the hosts I like Craig the best.  Maybe it’s his Scottish accent and goofball humor, but I think he’s refreshing and real.   I will be sad to see him go.

In case you’re not familiar with Craig, you can find some of his hilarious stuff all over YouTube.

But to see a different side of him, a side you won’t get from the others, watch this tribute to his Father…


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