Crisco, Dez and Ryan: #MidwestCulture

Crisco, Dez and Ryan: #MidwestCulture

If you’ve grown up in the Midwest you know that there are just certain truths that come with it. We combed the internet and asked our listeners to for anything and everything, that can only be explained as #MidwestCulture!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Screaming in joy as the temperature gradually rises to 30 in December. Meanwhile Southern states are crying as the temperatures dip below 80*

Being passive aggressive.
For example: Getting really mad at someone, but when the chance for confrontation happens, we back down with, “Oh yeah, it’s ok.”

NEVER take that last piece of cake, pie or anything else! Instead cut it into a million tiny little pieces just to avoid taking the LAST piece.
SUB SECTION: Throwing your plate away upside down.


Recognizing your friend in an oncoming vehicle and giving them the little steering wheel wave. Trust me, other places don’t do that.

Tater tot hotdish, enough said.
SUB SECTION: Having a potluck dinner with 8 different hot dishes. #MidwestCulture

Whining about the freezing cold for 5 months out of the year, and still staying.

Smiling and saying hi to everybody even if you don’t know them, and thinking it’s rude if they don’t respond.

Strangers holding the doors for each other … maybe too long.

The “Minnesota Nice” driver on the freeway. It’s a ZIPPER merge for a reason!!!

Miles vs. Hours

A Church potluck with potato salad, coleslaw, and a table full of bars #midwestculture

It’s “Duck Duck Grey Duck!” Duh. If you call it, “Duck Duck Goose,” you’re clearly not from here.

A Midwest Goodbye.

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