FFL Loser Does “Wrecking Ball”


OH yeah… it’s that time of year again.  Fantasy Football Leagues popping up all over the place.  Some people I know are in 5 leagues! I’m the LM of ONE and only ONE.  We play for money.  THIS Guy’s league plays for humiliation.  The bet?  The losing team has to re-create a music video of the Winner’s choice. -Darrin Read More »

Hot Wheels POV


Oh the hours I spent in my youth creating tracks and jumps… wondering what it would REALLY be like to be driving the car! Well.. now I know! – Darrin Read More »

Who needs a Big Screen TV?


Not Eli.  He just built a 30,000 Gallon aquarium in his living room. OR, as I see it, an indoor pond!  Catch and release from your Barcolounger! -Darrin Read More »

Meet Graham….


We humans are just not designed to survive the high impact trauma of most, severe, car accidents. Graham is the evolutionary Man who is built for it.  Literally. -Darrin Read More »