Hey Teddy!

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What do you do when you’re 6, having a birthday party, and want you favorite NFL Player to attend? You write a song, post it to YouTube, and hope that Teddy Bridgewater sees it and comes to the party! 6 year old Teddy fan Obadiah, did just that. Guess who stopped by Obadiah’s house…  Yep.  Our Teddy. -Darrin #HeyTeddy #Skolbadiah ... Read More »

Brad Pitt To The Rescue


Brad was in Spain recently, when he noticed a young girl in the crowd being crushed by the mob screaming for him. Super Brad stepped in and got the girl to safety. -Darrin Read More »

Do You Have “Misophonia”?


Misophonia is a condition which makes a person sensitive to certain sounds. For me, it’s wet rubber.  Like the noise of chewing on a rubber band.  UGH.. getting the willies just thinking about it. For Kim Holderness, it’s chewing.  Do YOU have one? -Darrin Read More »



Carly Fleischmann has started her own talk show.  What’s so great about that?  Well… Carly has severe autism, and she doesn’t actually ‘talk’ on her show. In episode 1 of “Speechless”, watch as Carly sits down with Channing Tatum, and gives one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time. People… are amazing. -Darrin Read More »

Your Cat Can Now Talk!


Here’s an idea… Let’s develop a collar that can take your cat’s noises.. and turn them into actual words. Not sure about you… but I don’t think I need a collar to know that my cat thinks he’s better than me. If your cat could talk, what wouldn’t you want him/her to say? -Darrin Read More »