Hanks For President!


Imagine:  There you are in Central Park, taking some wedding pictures, when out of the blue comes Tom Hanks. He stops his jog JUST to come by and congratulate you two.  Also, to take some pictures and a Selfie.  Why can’t HE run for President!? -Darrin Read More »

Running Thru The Seasons


I am a fan of those that commit to a project.  This guy ran the same route, for 1 year, thru every season. 150 Miles.  Over 98,000 photos.  All here for you to watch.. -Darrin Read More »

Feel-Good-Friday Videos!


Here ya go!  9 minutes of some positive, cute, happy, uplifting videos to help you pass the time until the weekend is here! You’re welcome! -Darrin Read More »

AGT 2016


If you’re like me, then you’ve been watching America’s Got Talent this year.  If not, that’s ok too… but ya miss the best one ever! ALL of the Top 10 were great!  On one hand, it was a tough choice… but REALLY…. not so much. I am SO HAPPY for the winner!   I knew it! -Darrin Read More »

Nope. I Did Not.


Ya gotta give it to this kid.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, he sticks to his story. Sure, it’s cute now.  But when he’s 35 and he does this with his Wife’s makeup, he’s in BIG trouble. -Darrin Read More »

The Truth About Weddings


Yes.. ’tis the season.  Weddings shall be popping up all over, and couples shall be joined in … debt. I’ve been telling people for years, save the money you’d spend on a wedding, and buy a house.  But NOOOOoooooo. Here, the truth about Weddings.  Sorry. -Darrin Read More »