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Do you remember…. ?


… The K-Mart commercial a few years ago about “Shipping”?   Watch it HERE for a reminder, and then get ready for… Poupon. Yup… it’s brilliant! – Darrin  

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Ever been stranded alone at an Airport?


If you HAVEN’T, it can be a bit creepy. If you HAVE, then you know how lonely it can feel. So what do you do to pass the time?  Richard Dunn found himself in that situation and what did HE do?! Shoot a Music Video!  LOVE it! – Darrin  

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What Guy names are the least trustworthy?


What’s in a name?  Plenty, according to Daily Mail UK. They’ve compiled a list of the top 20 names for men MOST likely to cheat! As much as John gets a rap for being a player, where does HIS name show up on the list? Who is number 1?  See the whole list HERE! By the way… DARRIN, is NOT ...

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American Idol is Back…


But have they righted the ship?  After the Mariah/Minaj fiasco, I have to think they can’t do worse. It’s Urban, Lopez, and Connick.  After one show, I have to say I’m relieved.  I thought Harry was great! Could THIS be the winner? What do you think?  Will you watch this year?

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