Dirty Truth For Grads


Dirty Jobs Maestro, Mike Rowe, offers some advice to Graduates. It may seem harsh, but is it really… true?   When you’re younger you dream and follow your passion. As you get older you realize… for a vast majority of the planet… following your passion doesn’t pay the bills. -Darrin Read More »

Sad Movie Mash-Up


How many of these made you cry?  C’mon…. admit it. Or, just watch this and cry for the fist time. I will just be over here… cutting up an Onion… -Darrin Read More »

Hey Teddy!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.36.46 AM

What do you do when you’re 6, having a birthday party, and want you favorite NFL Player to attend? You write a song, post it to YouTube, and hope that Teddy Bridgewater sees it and comes to the party! 6 year old Teddy fan Obadiah, did just that. Guess who stopped by Obadiah’s house…  Yep.  Our Teddy. -Darrin #HeyTeddy #Skolbadiah ... Read More »

Brad Pitt To The Rescue


Brad was in Spain recently, when he noticed a young girl in the crowd being crushed by the mob screaming for him. Super Brad stepped in and got the girl to safety. -Darrin Read More »

Do You Have “Misophonia”?


Misophonia is a condition which makes a person sensitive to certain sounds. For me, it’s wet rubber.  Like the noise of chewing on a rubber band.  UGH.. getting the willies just thinking about it. For Kim Holderness, it’s chewing.  Do YOU have one? -Darrin Read More »