Team Thor!


What has Thor been up to?  Why was he not invited to help out in the latest Marvel squabble?  Who is Daryl?  What pants are better, Shorts or Cut offs? Find out in this mockumentary.. -Darrin Read More »

FFL Loser Does “Wrecking Ball”


OH yeah… it’s that time of year again.  Fantasy Football Leagues popping up all over the place.  Some people I know are in 5 leagues! I’m the LM of ONE and only ONE.  We play for money.  THIS Guy’s league plays for humiliation.  The bet?  The losing team has to re-create a music video of the Winner’s choice. -Darrin Read More »

Hot Wheels POV


Oh the hours I spent in my youth creating tracks and jumps… wondering what it would REALLY be like to be driving the car! Well.. now I know! – Darrin Read More »

Who needs a Big Screen TV?


Not Eli.  He just built a 30,000 Gallon aquarium in his living room. OR, as I see it, an indoor pond!  Catch and release from your Barcolounger! -Darrin Read More »

Meet Graham….


We humans are just not designed to survive the high impact trauma of most, severe, car accidents. Graham is the evolutionary Man who is built for it.  Literally. -Darrin Read More »