“Sky Tower”… I am SO in on this! Who’s with me?!


If you’re a thrill-seeker like myself, then you know just how fun this looks! This is in Denmark.  They hook you up, then drop you over 100 feet… with nothing but a net to catch you! If you’re NOT a thrill-seeker… then this just looks insane.   That’s ok… “I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!” – ... Read More »

How fun would THIS be at parties!?


I’m wondering why I am just NOW seeing this game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show! How fun would this be to have at a party… or at a boring meeting at work?! Push a button, and those that you don’t like just disappear! Enjoy! –  Darrin   Read More »

Phil Collins has a new band?!


Ummm yes, and no. Recently Phil was asked to sing at his children’s school.  His backup band are kids from the school! Phil ‘retired’ a few years ago so as to be there for his younger kids.  He’s a little rusty, and the school’s P.A. system isn’t as high-tech as he’s used to, but I think it’s cool to hear ... Read More »

Bow Ties are… In?


Noted Foodie Alton Brown, describes how to tie a Bow-Tie. Does anyone really wear them anymore?  Are they the new ‘fashion’ statement? Would YOUR man look good in one? I’m OK with upgrading and trying new styles… not sure the Bow-Tie is MY thing… – Darrin Read More »