Ronny Gets A New Look!


McDonald’s has announced that Ronald McDonald will be getting a new look! What do you think? Do Clowns scare you?  Does this make him look more hip?  Or does it just make him look even creepier? – Darrin

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It’s a Dad’s Life!

Dad Life

Finally… a Gansta’ rap song about how rough it it being a Dad. Yeah.. that’s right.. I know how to use Gangsta’ in a sentence. Reco’nize!  Fo’ rizzle. My children just disowned me I think… – Darrin

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What did I just see… ?


This act on “Britain’s Got Talent” made EVERYONE go… Wha…..?  Huh?  Did that just happen? You will think so too! Darrin

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To Anyone, who wants to date… My Daughter…


Oh yes.  As the Father of 3 lovely little ladies, I can attest whole-heartedly, that these thoughts ran rampant thru my mind as I watched my princesses grow. I just didn’t put the the thoughts down so eloquently. Here, a Father speaks the words all us Father’s and Mother’s think and feel. – Darrin

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Hello Pants..


Talk about a BRILLIANT commercial… If you haven’t seen this yet, do yourself a favor. “Hello Lamp”.  “Hello Gary”.  LOL – Darrin

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This is the kind of flight I like to be on…


We’ve all heard the speech a million times.  The dreaded ‘flight-safety’ speech before each flight. Do you follow along?  Do you say it with the FA?  Do you continue to talk while they’re trying to do their jobs? Here’s one way to make sure everyone pays attention AND relaxes a little before take off.. – Darrin

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I DARE you not to smile…


What do you do when you’re 80?  You start crossing off things on your “Bucket-List”. European grandmother Ria Van den Brand is nearly 80 years old, and has never ridden on a roller coaster before. Done and DONE!  Cross this one off the list! – Darrin

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Father suprises Bride and Groom…


No.. not the Bride’s Father.  No… not the Groom’s Father. The FATHER Father. There you are, on your special day.  You’ve waited, planned, dreamed, and longed for this day.  You know where everyone is supposed to be and what they’re going to do.  No worries right? Then, the Father stands up… and does THIS! – Darrin  

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A BEAUTIFUL Day for National Beer Day!

beer day

The Sun is shining, the temps are rising, and you can just FEEL it in the air… Today, is National BEER Day! On this date in 1935, the first Canned Beer came off the line! Here are a few fun facts about Beer!

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