Beware: The Doghouse!


I’ve spent MY Time here.  Every man has.  If you think you haven’t… you’re wrong… you have. You just weren’t paying attention.  Which is why you’re either: A – Still IN the doghouse.  OR B – Single. Watch.  Learn. – Darrin   Read More »

College Humor Asks: Is your Hero, a Hero?


Today’s Subject:  Uncle Jesse from TV’s “Full House”. News is out that there will be a new “Full House” show coming soon.   As that nears, we look  back on the super cool Uncle Jesse!  The Band, The Hair, The Motorcycle… so cool. Or.. WAS he? Who was YOUR TV hero?  Think about it… in hindsight… Hero or Loser? – Darrin ... Read More »

Grounds Crew Acrobats


Sure, I guess I can see how this would be entertaining.   But the grass CLEARLY says to stay off! If I’m paying for people to cut my lawn… I’m not sure I’d hire Cirque Du Soleil! – Darrin   Read More »

Dumped on TV


We’ve all been there right?  Either we’re really into someone who just wasn’t in to you, or Vise Versa? No matter how that happens, it’s never an easy thing to deal with.  Now imagine you have a chance to deal with it on TV. Gotta give him props for being persistent right?  Ugh.  Feel.  His.  Pain. – Darrin   Read More »

Red Nose Day is Here


Red Nose Day started in England 30 years ago and, as we Americans are prone to do, we’ve stolen it and are now doing it here. Red Nose Day has raised over 1 BILLION Dollars already to help fight poverty for children. HERE,  BLAKE SHELTON explains why HE’S involved. Red Nose Day air’s tonite on NBC.  Hosted by Seth Meyers, ... Read More »

Jimmy tears up talking about Dave


We all have an Idol.  Maybe it’s a Parent, or a Teacher.  Whomever it may be, we are molded by those influences. Sometimes that Idol is a Superhero from Comics, or a sports figure.   Rarely, in that instance, are we granted the opportunity to have a close affiliation with that person. In the case of both Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy ... Read More »