The Karate Kid: Daniel is the bully!


You can never really form an educated opinion without hearing BOTH sides of the story. It the 80’s Classic “The Karate Kid”, we only see Daniel’s side.  But what about Johnny and his friends? It’s all about perspective…. – Darrin Read More »

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… on a Coaster!


This guy will NEVER get another woman to go out with him after this. Not only did he break up with his Girlfriend.  He did it on a Roller Coaster, then posted it online. All the while, looking like a complete wimp on the ride! Smooth Dude… – Darrin   Read More »

The iPhone Is Watching You


Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t.  I DIDN’T. iPhones track your location.  Keep track of your most visited locations, and even how long you were there! Now, I’m not saying you weren’t where you were supposed to be… just saying there IS a way to turn it off HERE. – Darrin Read More »

Cat’s On A Plane!


As a Pilot myself, I know the first thing you do before starting up the plane… is give it a good examination. This guy… must have been in a bit of a hurry to not have noticed a CAT in the wing! – Darrin   Read More »

Ed Sheeran surprises fan at Mall


So, there you are… on stage at the Mall, singing some Karaoke.   You’re nervous, but you pick a song you know and love, by one of your favorite artists.  Ed Sheeran.   Nothing to be nervous about really.  Nobody knows you there.  So you go on stage, start to sing, and out of the corner of your eye… you see someone ... Read More »

Jurassic Pork!


I LOVE when people get creative with movie-making apps.   I wish I could do it. Beware the Jurassic Pork! – Darrin   Read More »