He is NOT Chris Rock


Kevin Hart has had a LOT of success lately.  However, to some, he’s still fairly new. This girl thinks she has had a run in with Chris Rock.  Does Kevin tell her? Have YOU ever been mistaken for a celebrity?  If so who? I have.   “Oh My God!  It’s Donny Wahlberg!!” -Darrin Read More »

Wolverine To The Rescue!


Imagine you’re out for a day at the beach when, suddenly, you’re pulled out by a rip tide!  What do you do?! Well.. you turn around and there to your rescue… Hugh Jackman!   Yeah!  Wolverine himself! Hugh was at the beach with his son when he noticed his boy, and others being caught up in a very dangerous rip ... Read More »

The Most Interesting Man… Is Gone


For the past few years you have seen Advertising using “The Most Interesting Man In The World”.  If you haven’t seen the Ads, you’ve certainly seen the millions of Meme’s using his likeness. Now, he’s gone.  In his final commercial, they have sent The Most Interesting Man In The World… To Mars. Guess I’ll have to take over now. -Darrin Read More »