The Most Interesting Man… Is Gone


For the past few years you have seen Advertising using “The Most Interesting Man In The World”.  If you haven’t seen the Ads, you’ve certainly seen the millions of Meme’s using his likeness. Now, he’s gone.  In his final commercial, they have sent The Most Interesting Man In The World… To Mars. Guess I’ll have to take over now. -Darrin Read More »

Little Boy Doesn’t Want The Circus


The heart wants, what the heart wants. This little boy was told he was going to the Broccoli farm… and that’s what he wants!  Not some crazy Circus! Totally understand little dude… disappointment is a cruel teacher -Darrin Read More »

A Man And His Couscous Make Waves


Rub a bow on a plate filled with uncooked couscous and what do you get? Well if you’re in the Redstone in Maple Grove, you get kicked out… But, if you’re just in your living room… well then you get science. This is oddly mesmerizing to watch -Darrin Read More »

Double The Ellen!


She has a twin!  No.  She doesn’t.  Really.  That was so corny.  She has a twin?  C’mon Darrin.. you can think of something better. Sorry.  Ok.   Here’s Ellen, and SNL’s Kate McKinnon.. as Ellen. -Darrin Read More »

If You Could Fly Anywhere…


where would you go?! Jetblue held an experiment.  Ask an airplane full of strangers, to pick ONE destination… could they?  Did they? Where would YOU go? -Darrin Read More »