Bee Careful! Oh, Honey, Look at our car…


This video gives me the Hives.   I’ve never seen a car being pollinated before.  This is a really Beezy street!  Is that a new car?  Why yes it’s the new Honda CR Bee.  (Aaaand Scene) Imagine getting ready to go to work in the Morning, and you see your car covered in thousands of bees!  (20,000 was the estimate) Don’t ... Read More »

Mom’s Tell Their Secrets…


With Mother’s Day coming up Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be a good idea to see if there were any Mom’s out on the street, who would be willing to spill a secret. Would YOU really want to know?  What secret will you one-day tell your kids?  Which one’s go to the grave? – Darrin   Read More »

Craig Ferguson Is Leaving…


Since tapped to host “The Late Late Show” back in 2005, Craig’s unique style has made him one of the most loved hosts on TV.  Over the years there has been no big secret that while Letterman’s “World-Wide Pants” company is in charge of the show, Craig and Dave have not been super close. In the wake of Letterman naming ... Read More »

Ronny Gets A New Look!


McDonald’s has announced that Ronald McDonald will be getting a new look! What do you think? Do Clowns scare you?  Does this make him look more hip?  Or does it just make him look even creepier? – Darrin Read More »

It’s a Dad’s Life!

Dad Life

Finally… a Gansta’ rap song about how rough it it being a Dad. Yeah.. that’s right.. I know how to use Gangsta’ in a sentence. Reco’nize!  Fo’ rizzle. My children just disowned me I think… – Darrin Read More »

To Anyone, who wants to date… My Daughter…


Oh yes.  As the Father of 3 lovely little ladies, I can attest whole-heartedly, that these thoughts ran rampant thru my mind as I watched my princesses grow. I just didn’t put the the thoughts down so eloquently. Here, a Father speaks the words all us Father’s and Mother’s think and feel. – Darrin Read More »