Too Busy To Watch Christmas Movies?


Well leave it too the guys at “Screen Junkies” to make it easier for you!  All… ok, almost all, of your favorite Christmas movies in under 3 minutes.   Ok… maybe just the General IDEA of some Christmas movies.  By ‘some’… I mean… well…  just watch and hopefully this will get you ready! – Darrin

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25 Facts About Thanksgiving!


As you prepare to enjoy your day with family and friends, and give thanks, here are some things you may not know about this holiday!  Enjoy! – Darrin  

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The Anchormen Sing!


At a recent premiere, the men of  “Anchorman 2″ surprise the audience with a song! Darrin

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Dance Battle! GO!


I can move like that guy. However the company insurance policy prohibits it due to the last incident...

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Slo-Mo Wedding!!


We've all seen Photo-booths at weddings, but a Slo-Motion Video booth!? The next big thing!? This looks like a blast!

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Batkid Saves City!!


A remarkable story of courage. An entire City comes together, to make one little boy's dream... come true.

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