Mandy reunites with his first kiss…


On a recent visit with Kelly & Michael, actor Mandy Patinkin gets a chance to re-connect with a few of his past loves.  His first kiss, and his College Girlfriend. The genuine look of surprise and happiness is infectious.  Makes ya think.. Is there an ex you’ve lost touch with you’d like to reconnect with?   Read More »

Think YOU are having a bad day?


We are almost thru another week.  Another large snow storm approaching.  Kids may have another snow day, which means you may have to find someplace for them to go, or miss another day of work. As all of this begins to weigh you down, always remember:  Someone, somewhere, has had a worse day. Example:  A woman in Germany was out ... Read More »

Man uses Newspaper to send love…


Darrin’s Advice for Valentine’s Day: When you’re in love don’t just tell the person you love, use some old-school multi-media to shout it to the world. Just make sure you count your characters before you publish it, or you MAY be in hot water! Wait for it… Forgive?  or Forget Him? Read More »

New Olympic Winter Sport? Human Bowling!


Sometimes, when it gets as cold as it has for such a long time, people have to get creative when it comes to finding new and exciting things to do JUST to get thru it! Here, we find some people who have combined Bowling, Winter, and… humans. It looks like fun! – Darrin Read More »

Oh Jogger from Oregon… yes, it’s OK to jog in the snow…

falling jogger

Don’t ya just love it when people who are NOT from the Mid-West joke, and laugh at us when it gets to be too cold or snowy… then THEY get some… and think they can just keep on doing things they normally would do JUST to show us up? So two joggers decide to JOG in the SNOW.  They are ... Read More »

New On-Line Fad. Watching Someone Eat.


Ever just have that urge to sit in front of your computer and do something completely different? Well now you can! The latest thing in South Korea is to PAY… to watch.. someone EAT! Sounds crazy right?  But think about it. ‘Would I let someone PAY me.. to watch me eat.. on the web-cam? Yes.  Yes I would. Read More »

Rolling Stone’s Best and Worst Halftime Shows


The Big Game is coming up Sunday, and with it… the Halftime show. There have been plenty of good ones.  But lest we forget, there have been some really awful one’s as well. Let’s take a look, with the help of Rolling Stone, at the Best and Worst of them! – Darrin Read More »