25 Facts About Thanksgiving!


As you prepare to enjoy your day with family and friends, and give thanks, here are some things you may not know about this holiday!  Enjoy! – Darrin  

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The Anchormen Sing!


At a recent premiere, the men of  “Anchorman 2″ surprise the audience with a song! Darrin

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Dance Battle! GO!


I can move like that guy. However the company insurance policy prohibits it due to the last incident...

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Slo-Mo Wedding!!


We've all seen Photo-booths at weddings, but a Slo-Motion Video booth!? The next big thing!? This looks like a blast!

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Batkid Saves City!!


A remarkable story of courage. An entire City comes together, to make one little boy's dream... come true.

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Lady GaGa Hosting SNL


Here are the promo's for GaGa pulling double-duty as host and musical act on SNL. Yeah... not real tempting.

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A new Thanksgiving Day song!

Oh.. it's catchy. You won't be able to get it out of your head. Or out of your mind... You're welcome. Remember, Darrin did it.

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