Whisper Lady. Relaxing? Or Creepy?


So this young lady has now become somewhat of an internet sensation lately, due to her relaxation technique. She Whispers… in 3D. Supposedly this type of conversation in sound has healing and relaxation principles. I find it disturbing and just plain creepy. What do YOU think? -Darrin Read More »

The Office Christmas Party


We had our Holiday party on Saturday night. The food was great, the magician was fun and, as always, it was great to get together with our work people and hang out! However, I have been to a few holiday parties that could have used… a little help. This may be what they needed… – Darrin Read More »

Extreme Caroling!


I have to admit, I never knew this was a ‘thing’. But I’m all for it. I’m just glad the people who live in the house were nice. How many people wouldn’t have even opened the door? Pretended you weren’t home? Opened the door, then closed it again? Pretend you didn’t speak English? Either way… it’s a million kinds of ... Read More »

Boys will be Boys…


I remember a story my Mother once told, of how my Older Brother and I once painted OUR walls when we were just wee lads. This Dad just can’t keep from laughing at his boys and their adventure with paint. My Mom wished we had used paint… – Darrin Read More »

Jimmy Has Some Science Fun!


I threw a huge Halloween party. Put some dry ice in a cauldron full of … a mixture of beverages. SOME may have been adult in nature. However, that’s not the point. The point was the effect of the dry ice around the cauldron. I thought it was pretty cool. Now I see I could have made a huge CLOUD ... Read More »