Which Car Singer Are YOU!?


I admit it.  I’ve been ALL of these at one point or another.  However, I’d have to say that more often than not… I am #4, and #9. Which ones are you?! – Darrin   Read More »

Did YOUR TV Show make the cut?!


Yes, we now know that “American Idol” is calling it quits and that this next season, 15, will be their last. But what about your other faves?  Did they make the cut? I lost “Forever”, “Constantine”, and “The Following”. Which ones will you miss the most? The whole list is HERE! – Darrin   Read More »

Tina Fey’s Goodbye Gift To Dave..


She promises to never wear a dress again! On a Talk Show anyway.   So she takes off her dress.. and gives it to Dave! Ya know.. sometimes…. I Guess ya just want to stop having to wear a dress, and put on the spanxx… I know I Do. – Darrin   Read More »

Seriously… we love you without makeup.


Insight into a man’s mind:    Even though you may feel like this girl, guys really don’t care too much if you don’t wear makeup. We actually prefer you don’t wear much, if any, at all. – Darrin   Read More »

Ahnold’s movies in review!


New host James Cordon is making a mark for himself early with some of the things he’s doing on his show. One of them is when actors re-do all their movies in 6-7 minutes. This time.. it’s AHNOLD! – Darrin   Read More »

Hawkeye has powers too…


Ok.  Yeah… sure.. you’re an “Avenger”.  But you’re not Iron Man.  Or Thor… or The Hulk You don’t really have any special powers.   What’s that?  You Shoot a Bow?   Yeah… my Uncle Sven bow hunts.  My Uncle Sven is no Avenger. Here, Live on Jimmy Fallon, Hawkeye laments, in song, that he does indeed have powers! – Darrin   Read More »

Hawkeye has powers too… right?


Ok.  Yeah… sure… you’re an “Avenger”.  But you’re NOT Iron Man, or Thor, or The Hulk.  So you’re really not THAT big a deal are ya? You’re Hawkeye.   You shoot a bow.  My Uncle Carlos Bow Hunts.  Trust me.. he’s no Avenger. Here, Live with Jimmy Fallon, Hawkeye sings the reasons why he IS an Avenger.  To the tune of ... Read More »