Car-Pooling with Carey


New host of “The Late Late Show”, James Corden, had a little help driving into work.  None other than Mariah Carey! If you could drive into work with a celeb, who would it be? – Darrin   Read More »

Madonna Falls On Stage


When asked to perform at an awards show, it’s important to make sure you have enough time to practice. Music? Check! Microphones work? Check! Lighting? Check! Horned minions ready? Check! Tear-Away Costume sufficiently Tear-awayable? Ummmmm….. Madonna was at the 2015 Brit Awards when this question was answered. – Darrin (She was ok, and continued on with the show… as the ... Read More »

Friends Read Each Others Texts..


I Think Ryan and Shannon Need to do this! Here’s the concept. Grab your friends phone, and read the texts from their Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Significant other. Imagine… your friends reading your lovey-mushy stuff to your ‘other’? Who’s the mushiest? Would YOU do it? – Darrin Read More »

Thundersnow! Never found it this exciting…


But, then again, I’m not Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel. Jim LOVES his job. This is evident by his reaction to a few blasts of Thundersnow. I get it Jim. To each their own. For YOU, Thundersnow. For ME, finding left-over Halloween Candy in a jacket I haven’t worn in a few years. – :Darrin Read More »