I LOVE decorating for Halloween.

I'm the person who just doesn't put up a few cob-webs and jack-o-lanterns. I usually have a pretty good graveyard out front. Fog machine, motion sensor monsters, things that jump out at trick-or-treaters, scary music, etc.. After seeing THIS guys house, even I am amazed. Should I give up, and quit? NO! Challenge accepted!

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Sing along, and get hungry!

This could very possibly be the new "Friday" song. Except it's about Chinese Food. In fact, that's what it's called. Click, listen, sing along, dance if you want. Then it's time to eat.

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BK’s new “Satisfries”


MMMM MMMM good! Or, at least, they LOOK good!Burger King now has "Satisfries" with less salt and fat, but BIG Taste!Why the Crinkle-cut? (as opposed to Kringle-cut... can't go there due to licensing issues with the North Pole)Why the change...

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Sharon hooked up with WHO?!

Sharon Osbourne

Years ago, a young Sharon came to the U.S. She met a then, up and coming super star, and they 'hooked up'.Who was it? Hint: He's about to retire!See The Video Here!

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