Oh yeah? Mom Quits Too!

How many times has every Mom wanted to sing and dance THIS song? How many Mom's will play this one to their families?

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BK’s new “Satisfries”


MMMM MMMM good! Or, at least, they LOOK good!Burger King now has "Satisfries" with less salt and fat, but BIG Taste!Why the Crinkle-cut? (as opposed to Kringle-cut... can't go there due to licensing issues with the North Pole)Why the change...

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Sharon hooked up with WHO?!

Sharon Osbourne

Years ago, a young Sharon came to the U.S. She met a then, up and coming super star, and they 'hooked up'.Who was it? Hint: He's about to retire!See The Video Here!

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New DWTS Cast Revealed!

Dancing With The Stars Cast

It's that time again! A NEW cast of 'Stars' take the stage to try and grab the Golden prize!Here's the whole cast!Some say this could be the BEST cast yet!

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FB Friends Can Lower Credit Scores!

Facebook Credit

Take a look at your Facebook "Friends List". Know all of them? How WELL do you know them? Do you TRUST them all? Do you trust them, or like them, or even interact with them enough that it's worth keeping them around? Even IF it lowers your...

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Meet your new Dark Knight!

Meet the new Bruce Wayne

Just confirmed, Ben Affleck is the new "Batman"! He will be taking over as the Dark Knight in the upcomming Superman Sequel "Man Of Steel II" opposite Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman.All the details are HERE!

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