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Ryan sticks his foot in his mouth (w/ update!)


UPDATE! Ryan and Joanne finally go toe-to-toe in a bout a trivia   Over the weekend, Ryan was playing Trivia at a Buffalo Wild Wings when he started to do a little smack talking towards another player who he didn’t think could hear him. Turns out she listens to the show… Read More »

Are you making pasta the wrong way?


Because apparently I am, according to this video. Andrew Carmellini, the man in this video is a very successful chef who owns at least 3 restaurants in New York City, so I feel like I should trust him. I make pasta at least once a week and cannot wait to experiment next time I cook! Read More »

Cockatoo goes crazy!


I had no idea how hilarious cockatoos are! I mean, I can imagine hearing those high pitched squeals would get old REAL fast as an owner. But if I could just borrow one for a day, that would be great. Read More »