Baby Drummer!! So Cute!


Eight-and-a-half month old baby Wyatt loves playing his mini drum set! Haaa! Don’t worry, his parents said the speaker is next to the camera not next to Wyatt’s ears.  Makes me laugh!! Xoxo Dez Read More »

A Moving Salute To Our Soldiers! Must Watch!!!!!!


Thank you papa and all you veterans for you sacrifice and service!!!  I couldn’t hold back tears watching this (and NO its not just prego hormones, lol).  This really is the most moving tribute I’ve seen.  This would be great to share with your kids. Xoxo Dez Read More »

Sweet Proposal!


So sweet!  I just love, love!!  it’s a little long so maybe just watch the beginning and set the scene and jump to 7.5 mins.  Happy Friday! Xoxo Dez Read More »