Over-The-Top Save The Date Video…Wowza!


Just when you think you’ve seen it all….there is THIS!  This is what Bambo and Janice sent as their Save the Date.  They are both San Francisco attorneys with money to burn, and they’ve nicknamed their big event this summer the “Boss Wedding”.  I’m guessing this wedding isn’t going to be a small backyard affair.  Haaa! Xoxo Dez

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No Elk Left Behind! Sweet!


Who would have thunk that an herd of elk crossing the road in Bozeman, MT near Yellowstone would go viral???  But this is pretty cool!   I grew up in Montana and have NEVER seen a herd this big.  Poor little guy at the end…leave no elk behind.   Xoxo

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paper man

Okkkkay I know April Fools day is long over BUT this is too good and funny not to share! The video starts with a message: “Our professor has a policy that if your phone rings in class, you must answer it on speakerphone. We arranged to have a friend call on April Fools’ Day.”   Students at Aquinas College in ...

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