Fireworks and Stuntmen are even better at close range

Every time I see a video shot with a GoPro camera, it makes me want to try something exciting and adventurous (and usually dangerous). These 2 videos get my adrenaline rushing…

I’d like to think I could be a Hollywood stuntman, but I’ve never tried jumping off of a 30 foot ledge. This video only feeds my fascination with stuntmen and makes me think it wouldn’t be that hard of a job. Watch for yourself. Do you think you could be a stuntman?

Although it might feel like missiles being shot at me, flying through a fireworks show sounds so exhilarating and awesome! If a fireworks show is fun from the ground, imagine seeing the colorful explosions right in front of your face (as long as I don’t get hit, that is). You and I  don’t have to image anymore, watch this video.

Meep Meep

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