IHOB finally reveals what the “B” actually stands for…
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

IHOB finally reveals what the “B” actually stands for…

The International House of Pancakes is rebranding! They will no longer be known to all as “IHOP,” instead they will go by “IHOB.” But what does the “B” stand for? That’s the real question.

Most people naturally assumed the “B” would stand for breakfast because well … duh. It goes alongside the only concept we’ve ever known from the restaurant. TOO BAD we were all VERY wrong.

IHOP just announced that the “B” will NOT stand for “breakfast” but rather “burgers.” WTF(REAK)! We’re confused.

Following the announcement, Wendy’s (and their sassy Twitter) decided to comment on the change. Please enjoy the following tweets:

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