Justice for Emotional Support Squirrels! Just kidding…

Justice for Emotional Support Squirrels! Just kidding…

For some reason, everyone seems to need an emotional support animal these days. It started with dogs, which made sense. Then people were including other furry friends like cats and hamsters … sometimes mini ponies. But then things got weird, people had toy pigs, and even peacocks!

This week on a Frontier flight from Orlando to Cleveland, one passenger learned where we (at least where Frontier) draw the line. The woman brought a squirrel on the plane. Yes, you read that correctly, a squirrel.

The woman filled out all the required paperwork, and noted in her reservation that she would in fact be brining an emotional support animal on the plane, but there was no indication of just what kind of animal. Too bad rodents aren’t allowed on Frontier flights.

She was asked to deplane, and she refused which in turn required the airline to call the police. Once police arrived and the woman deboarded the plane, and the crowd cheered.

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