KS95 For Kindness

The world has gotten pretty angry recently so the KS95 Morning Show wants to do their part to help. Let’s start with 95 random acts of kindness.
Here’s what we would like you to do:

  1. Be kind to someone different than you.
  2. Call us at 651.989.KS95 (5795) the next morning (Monday-Friday 5:30-9am) and tell us about your act of kindness. Remain anonymous if you’d like, but sharing your kind action is important because it will inspire other acts of kindness.
  3. Post your act of kindness to our KS95 Facebook page, or use the hashtag “#KS95ForKindness” on Twitter.

What can your kindness do?

  • It happened! Ryan finally got his act of kindness #KS95forkindness

    While out cleaning the waters of Lake Hiawatha, Ryan found an Ipod and after doing some online sleuthing, he found its rightful owner!

    What was the owner’s reaction when he returned it????


    Diana and Ryan with her returned Ipod

    Ryan, Shannon and Fish
  • Could Ryan finally get his act of kindness he’s been looking for????

    Ryan, Shannon and Fish
  • These two know how to show their #KS95forKindness

    Just wanted to share: my 5 yo twins each had 10 inches cut off their hair to donate to making wigs for girls who lose their hair because they are sick. Thought of it on their own!!! #KS95ForKindness


    Stacy Salls Blix
  • A great way to end the week – #KS95forkindness

    A great way to end the week – #KS95forkindness

    Ryan, Shannon and Fish
  • KS95 For Kindness

  • Aww… you guys are the sweetest! More texts!

    My wife had a customer that was a cancer survivor. She was really struggling to be able to feed her cats. My wife knowing this purchased her great big bag of cat food. I was very proud of that day.

    Last night I froze a bottle of water. This morning I put it in the mailbox for our mail carrier today on this hot day. #KS95forkindness

    I got a stack of free meal coupons from Union Gospel Mission. Whenever I’m driving around I give them to the homeless I see #KS95forkindness

    I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw a new mom struggling to get her baby in the car with a cart full of food. I packed her car while she strapped in her baby.

    My best friend just had her 2nd baby. Her neighbors and I made them dinners for the past 2 weeks.

    I’m going out of town. Instead of freezing them, I left a container of washed & cut strawberries w/angel food by my neighbor’s front door this am.

    My sister was chatting with an elderly man in a line at the grocery store. She asked him who would be helping him with the groceries at his home. He told her he lived alone. So she followed him to his house and carried his groceries inside for him.

    There was an older women who was carrying about 10 bags full of groceries and I took most of them and helped her put them in her car #KS95forkindness

    We were in subway eating and an elderly lady with a cane came in and we heard the sandwich maker ask her if she wanted just the one sandwich and the little old lady said just one, I am all alone. It kinda hit me where it hurt. On our way out my husband stopped at the register and paid for her meal.


  • KS95 For Kindness Texts

    I volunteer with a dog rescue and decided to make some dog beds and platforms to donate to their on-line auction. Some fosters saw the photos and ordered some more from me and I will be donating all the money back to the rescue.

    I was walking my dog, and a Chihuahua without tags ran up to us. I knocked on a few doors in the neighborhood until I was able to find the owner and return the dog.

    Found a credit card in the MOA parking lot. Brought it into Nordstrom & gave it to an employee.

    My kids and I started out a Facebook page called spreading sunshine SSP to spread good news in our town. Such a good feeling sharing the finest for a change.

    I found a brand new ID in the road on my run one day. I sent it back to her in the mail!

    I work in a clinic and last Friday I scheduled a 90 yr old male for a test. He was so scared to have it he almost didn’t schedule. I was on the phone with him for over a half hour before I convinced him to schedule for yesterday. At the end of the call he said I had a kind, soothing soul and was so thankful.

    My name is Danelle & this evening I’m going to downtown MPLS and serving a meal literally outside under a bridge (by Dunwoody) to the homeless.

    Thanks so much for setting up this 95 acts of kindness! I was at the dentist waiting and saw an older lady who missed her bus, so I offered her a ride to her home in St. Paul. She tried to offer me money and I absolutely refused. She thanked me over and over and said that I made her day!

    Yesterday I was at the DMV and saw a clearly stretched to the limit mom with 4 kids under probably 4 years old. I’m a behavior therapist for kids so I always have toys in my bag so I sat on the floor and played with her kids while she got done what she needed to get done.

    Student at the U dropped her credit card. I grabbed it, looked her up and returned it to her.

  • Kindness comes in all forms

    Random acts of kindness. I try to live like this….A young man I spoke with today told me he has two jobs.  I told him I know a lot of people and to send me his resume so I can keep my eyes/ears open for a better paying job so he only has one. Lot’s of people don’t expect this caring/concern from other people. I think it is what we should strive for to make this a better world and operate more from our hearts with love not hatred.