KS95 at the Minnesota State Fair!


“Don’t forget to try the KS95 Snapchat Geofilter while you’re at the fair! Just take a photo on snapchat and swipe left through the geofilters until you see the “KS95 at the fair” geofilter!”



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Morning Show Be Kind Coffee Mugs for Sale at KS95 Booth Fair

Morning Show Be Kind Coffee Mugs for Sale at the KS95 booth at the State Fair!

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A Great Big World Autograph KS95 Broadcast Booth

A Great Big World Autographed the KS95 Broadcast Booth

Register to Double Your Paycheck

Don’t Forget to Register for Double Your Paycheck!


Dez and Bangs answering trivia questions!

A Great Big World KS95 Booth

A Great Big World at the KS95 booth!

A Great Big World with Dez & Darrin

A Great Big World with Dez and Darrin

Darrin Interviewing A Great Big World

Darrin interviewing A Great Big World!

Dez & Bangs Twin Citie Live Fair Trivia Champions

Dez and Bang Twin Cities Live Fair Trivia Champions

Dez & Bangs Twin Cities Live

Dez and Bangs on Twin Cities Live!

KS95 Dove Shirt Back In Stock

The KS95 Dove Shirt is back in stock!

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About KS95

KS95 plays Today’s Variety, from the 2000s…The 10s and from Today! With songs from artists like Maroon 5, P!nk, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and more. Crisco, Dez & Ryan make you laugh in the morning and Moon & Staci keep you company on the ride home.