Coconut Oil, the magic elixir?


While coconut oil DOES have it benefits and works for many things, it cannot bring animals from the dead. I actually think coconut oil is really wonderful and that’s why people talk about it so much. But here’s the deal, we get it, just use your coconut oil in silence. We don’t need to hear about every meal you used it ... Read More »

Mother and daughter reunited after 49 years


Almost 50 years ago a mother was told her daughter had died a few hours after she was born. For some unknown reason the daughter, Melanie, was adopted to another family. This very touching video shows the moment Melanie’s own children told her they had found her birth mother. After you watch that video, you can see them be reunited ... Read More »

Girl is attacked by a manatee


Because we all know how vicious manatees are! This young lady was almost snuggled to death by a manatee, terrifying! Although if you are not familiar with the ocean, seeing an animal that large can be frightening, I give her that. But I think she may have been a BIT dramatic. Read More »