Are you making pasta the wrong way?


Because apparently I am, according to this video. Andrew Carmellini, the man in this video is a very successful chef who owns at least 3 restaurants in New York City, so I feel like I should trust him. I make pasta at least once a week and cannot wait to experiment next time I cook! Read More »

Cockatoo goes crazy!


I had no idea how hilarious cockatoos are! I mean, I can imagine hearing those high pitched squeals would get old REAL fast as an owner. But if I could just borrow one for a day, that would be great. Read More »

Settlers of Catan board game being made into film

Board Games

WHAT!? I am very excited, I love Settlers of Catan! I don’t exactly know how I feel yet about it being made into a movie, I really don’t know what it will be about except for people expanding settlements? But whatever, I’ll go see it anyways. If you want to read the whole article and see who is directing the ... Read More »

Plane makes emergency landing on street


My palms are a bit sweaty after watching this video. It’s a miracle there were no cars on the road and a perfect landing straight into a parking lot! Some people cant even drive their cars that smoothly on the road.   Read More »