Electronic makeup


Neat video shows a woman in real time, morph from everyday make-up, to a robot, to some other terrifying futuristic face. All thanks to face tracking and projection mapping. I found this quite fascinating, and once technology is improved think about having something similar at a concert?!  

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Awesome little boy steals show during a news interview


APPARENTLY his family must use the word apparently a lot. Apparently this adorable little man was a wee embarrassed after he found out his video went viral, you can see the after interview chat here.  Apparently he cannot stop being being awesome.  

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2 kayakers get lifted out of water by a whale!


2 kayakers in Argentina got the experience of a lifetime! How amazing that must have been, although there is no possible way I would be that calm. They may be gentle giants, but they are still GIANTS. Ekkkk!  

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Weird Al Yankovic releases new music video “Tacky” part of his 8 videos 8 days promotion


Even if you didn’t grow up with Weird Al,  you still gotta have a weird love for him. He released a new video parody of  “Happy,”  featuring guest appearances from comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black. I would highly suggest watching this video, if only to watch Jack Black twerking.  You can check out the ...

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