Cat interrupts German weather broadcast


I love how the broadcaster continues on with his weather forecast while holding the cat casually. Now I don’t speak German but I think he mentioned a studio cat!? WHAT?! KS95 needs a Studiokatze  immediately.  

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Homeless man gets a home

Homeless man

What an incredible story! With the help of the internet, one man was able to raise enough money to help a homeless man in his area get a home of his own. He had previously “pranked” him with a fake lottery ticket where he gave the homeless man named Eric, $1000. You can check out the video here. Well now that ...

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Veteran reunited with his bomb-sniffing dog


I can’t tell which one is more excited! This gives me the warm fuzzies, these moments are always tear jerking, and really show how dogs really are mans best friend. Also I no longer feel stupid for talking to my own dog like a little girl, even veterans do it!  

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Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos


You’ve always wanted to watch a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito, you just don’t know it yet. Seriously, this might be the cutest thing I have seen…. ever.  

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A very clever bird


This bird isn’t destroying every morsel of food in sight like every other bird in town! No, he using his clever little bird brain and getting more bang for his buck. It’s pretty impressive, Watch the video below!

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