Man kayaks Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis and takes point of view video


I’m sure all you Minnesotans heard the story this week of the man who kayaked the popular Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. I’ve been there many times and would be terrified to see someone attempt something like this! The professional kayaker Hunt Jennings said this about the incident; “After seeing a picture of this waterfall for the first time, I was instantly ...

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Worst Prank Ever


This is perhaps the saddest prank I’ve ever seen. This guy looks so unhappy, I feel bad for the little boy, and that water balloon execution… phew!  Just a bad time for everyone all around.  

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Dumb and Dumber To – Official Trailer Premiere


I love the original! I wonder how the second one will hold up? The Farelly Brothers have said they worked for 2 years on the script, and I can only hope they capture the same feeling in the sequel. The trailer has me a little worried, but I can’t pass judgment until I see the film, which will be releasing November 14th! Will ...

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The most iconic food chain in each state


Some of these fast food joints I’ve never heard of, but they seem to be popular in other parts of the country. Do you agree with Minnesota’s “favorite” food chain? Find out which is the most popular in each state here! 

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Jenga Cat


Now if only you could teach another cat to play for a kitty Jenga tournament…

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