Neighbors bra rescue mission


What happens when you drop your bra off your apartment balcony into your neighbors lawn? Do you leave it? No bras are too expensive. Do you run down and grab it? Hmmm maybe, but then you’ll have to deal with embarrassment and you might even have to explain yourself, which presents an awkward situation. So the only REAL thing left ... Read More »

Participants in shows like ‘The Apprentice,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’ reveal poor conditions behind scenes

Donald Trump

One contestant said “The first few days in, I’m thinking, ‘Is this fun, or is this a cruel experiment?’ ” Contestants, he says, average two hours of sleep a night, are fed at the whims of production, and can’t talk to each other during breaks in filming— and those breaks can last six hours. Other contestants reveal poor conditions from other shows ... Read More »