The “Minnesota Card” Checklist

The “Minnesota Card” Checklist

Icky has lived in Minnesota for nearly a year now, and wants to be considered a true Minnesotan, so we are putting him to the test!  With your help we have created a list of qualifications before he can truly earn his “Minnesota Card!”

  • Eat Goulash
  • Catch and Eat Walleye
  • Ice Fishing
  • Eat Hot Dish
  • Attend a Twins/Vikings/Wild Game
  • Must say “pop” not “soda”
  • Eat Something Off a Stick at the State Fair
  • Survive a Minnesota Winter
  • Take 30 Minutes or Longer ot say Goodbye to Someone
  • Shovel Snow for 20 Minutes in a T-Shirt
  • Must say “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.”  Not “Duck, Duck, Goose.”
  • Eat Lutefisk
  • Must be able to name 5 Non-Metro Area Minnesota Lakes
  • Must work “You Betcha” into normal conversation
  • Must Understand the Joy of Kicking The Snow Out of Your Wheel Wells.  “Snow Buggers” as Bangs calls them

What have we missed that should be added to the list?!

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