Moon & Crisco’s football bet payoff

Moon & Crisco made a bet at the beginning of the NFL season that Staci wouldn’t watch a full football game by the Superbowl. The loser had to rub the winner’s feet.

When Staci watched and wrote a report on the NFC Championship game, Moon had to payoff the bet and rub Crisco’s feet.

Staci’s report is really entertaining for football fans and non-football fans alike! Here is here report:


By: Staci

The NFC Championships are on!  It’s the Green Bay Packers vs the Seattle Seahawks playing in Seattle.  The Seahawks are in blue and Packers are in Green with yellow helmets!  There are two guys named Rodgers – numbers 12 & 89!  Could they be brothers?!  How fun for them!

Green Bay got a field goal I am told, then they got another one and then a touchdown!  They have 13 points already.  Despite their team sucking right now, the Seahawks cheerleaders are still smiling.  The Green Bay Cheerleader tops are not a flattering color, unfortunately.

It’s cold and rainy. It’s Seattle, though so what do you expect?

It’s odd to me that grown men playing football even have cheerleaders for their games.  Seems a little desperate to me.  Why don’t the Twins have them for baseball games?  And the Wild for hockey?  Maybe because those sports think it’s odd too.  A little embarrassing, really.

I remember when Jason Seahorn proposed to his then girlfriend, Angie Harmon on a talk show.  I think it was the Tonight Show.  He played for the Seahawks back then.  Their wedding was beautiful!  I saw pictures in People Magazine.  Now they are getting divorced.  Sad.  I wonder if they are watching the game right now. They are probably fighting.

Packers have cool green shoes.  Kinda metallic.  Even though Seattle is failing miserably, at least they look cool and intimidating.

One of the Seattle guys is named Avril.  Wonder if they tease him and call him skater boi! HA!  Doubtful.  He doesn’t look like a fan of Avril or Chad Kroeger either.

Tony just said that the ref just threw laundry on the field.  Why would he take his laundry to work?  Sheez!

Finally Seattle did something good.  Now it’s really raining.  So much for the cool green shoes.

Just saw a commercial for Papa Johns with Peyton Manning in it. He was wearing his jersey and jeans. He tucked it in!  I always thought Peyton was a girl’s name.

Finally it’s half time!  16 to nothing. Longest 24 minutes of my life!!

Howie Long is on the half time show.  He used to do commercials for Radio Shack with Teri Hatcher.  Poor Terri….Poor Radio Shack….

The boys are trying to tell me there’s a football player called Ha Ha Clinton Dicks. I’m not falling for it.

Finally the Seahawks got some points! The guy with the scorpion tattoo caught the ball. Now it isn’t so embarrassing.

Sherman hurt his arm.  I’m surprised his dreadlocks don’t cause him problems cuz they are out of his helmet.  I can’t get my hair inside a baseball cap so maybe that’s why.

It’s 19 to 7.  Sherman’s arm still hurts.

Oh my! The Seahawks just got a touchdown by the guy with the rebel gold soles.  Apparently he’s not supposed to have gold on the bottom and will get a fine for uniform violation.  I get it, though. They look cool.  A lot of women are really info the red soles of the Louboutins.

OH! they changed their minds about the touchdown because the guy was out of bounds. But now someone else on the team did a touchdown.  Now it’s 19 to 13.

Seattle got the ball again by some special kick.

2 minute warning now.

Oh dear!  Now the Seahawks just had another touchdown and the Green Bay guys are bummed.  If this is an overtime game I am gonna be mad. I am NOT missing Downton Abbey!  Now it is 19 to 22 and Green Bay is losing.   15 points in less than a minute for the Seahawk guys.

Tied. Overtime.


Seahawks win it.  Number three is crying and praying. Number 72 is riding a bike around.

The Packers look pretty depressed. It’s okay. You’ll get him next time.

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