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Ryan Gossling joined Vine yesterday to post a video tribute

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The tribute was to the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme that was created by Ryan McHenry.  McHenry died this past weekend after a long battle with bone cancer. Ryan McHenry created several funny Vine videos where he would hold up a spoon of cereal in front of a TV playing different Ryan Gosling movies, so it would look like he was ... Read More »

Crisco’s Challenge: Eat Durian

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Durian is a fruit and a delicacy in some parts of the world. But it smells and tastes utterly disgusting. So we brought in Tom Durian from KSTP-TV to try the fruit that he shares his name with. Crisco tried it as well. Thanks for the challenge Jeremy! Do you have a challenge for Crisco to tackle next? Read More »

Microsoft thinks it knows how old you are based on your picture.


Upload a picture and your face will be examined! You will be told if you look older or younger than your real age. Then put in your friends. Especially the ones who look really old. Have fun with it! Click here to try it out! Staci is the only one of us that’s happy with our results. Read More »

Manny the boxer sings

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I’m not too much into boxing, but I love the fact that Manny Pacquiao is the underdog in this weekend’s big fight.  I also love that Manny is a good person who helps his community…and he likes to sing!! Check this out. Read More »

Baltimore Orioles player has fun signing fake autograph at empty stadium


Because of rioting, the Baltimore Orioles had a game against the White Sox,. but no fans were allowed in. Here’s one of their players having fun signing fake autographs. This also happened at the same game.   .@CrushD19 tosses a ball to empty seats at Camden Yards #Orioles — Camden GIFs (@CamdenGIFs) April 29, 2015 Read More »