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How much turkey should I serve for Thanksgiving?

Cooked turkey

If you’re hosting the big turkey dinner this Thursday, you may be experiencing some anxiety over how much food to serve. This calculator can help with that. Simply enter the number of guests you’re expecting, and it will spit out the corresponding amount of food (and wine) you need to provide. Click here for the calculator Read More »

Does Beaker look like Shaggy?

Shaggy Lego Minifigure

Zoinks!! Beaker is growing out his facial hair for Movember and we think he’s starting to resemble someone…. :/ What do you guys think? So @StaciKS95 says I look like Shaggy today. I don’t know if I see it… #movember #cantgrowfacialhair — Pat Laeger (@patlaeger) November 19, 2015 Read More »