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Meg Ryan will narrate ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Meg Ryan

I was a big fan of CBS’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ until the final episode, so let’s hope CBS can get this series and the ending right with ‘How I Met Your Dad’. And Meg Ryan will be the unseen voice in ‘How I Met Your Dad’ like Bob Saget was in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  

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Hey You Guys! The Goonies are Coming Back!

Movies  US By Name   The Goonies

After almost 30 years, The Goonies are coming back to the silver screen! And Steven Spielberg is writing the story! This story takes place 30 years after the original, so it will be interesting to see everyone all grown up. Read more about the upcoming movie here.

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A Thank You for the Thank You card?

photo 2

I sent Shannon from the morning show a thank you card after she gave me a birthday present. Here’s the card that Shannon sent me after I sent her a thank you note. Do I need to send her another thank you card for her thank you? When does this end?

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Which KS95 Afternoon Show Cast Member Are You?


Take this quiz to find out which KS95 Afternoon Show cast member you are most like and you might just learn something about yourself too! Listen to Moon & Staci weekdays 2-7pm on 94.5 KS95:    

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