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This Will Bring You To Tears


A comedy you tube channel called Penguin Magic is known for pranking people and letting the world see it. This time they changed things up in a big way and I dare you not to get emotional.

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Moving Commercial With Deaf Football Player

Derrick Coleman

Duracell recently released a commercial featuring Derrick Coleman a Fullback from the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. The whole commercial is touching and a major tissue alert because it's a short story about his life struggle of being deaf since 3 years old.

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Cell Phone Crashing!


This is quite possibly the funniest video of the year and it has only been out for 2 days. A guy goes around the airport and messes with people who are having conversations on the phone. You have to see these people react, just priceless.

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TV Character Dating Profiles

TV Breaking Bad

Have you ever wondered what your favorite TV Character's dating profile would look like? Well wonder no more because I found a group of dating profiles of popular TV characters like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Let me know which one of the profiles would be the most accurate in your opinion.

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Paul Walker Tribute!

Paul Walker

This is such a cool, moving and emotional tribute to the late Paul Walker. You will need a box of Kleenex for sure as his passing is still so fresh on our minds.

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