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Humans Are Awesome

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 9.27.56 AM

In case you need a confidence booster, or inspiration, here’s an awesome compilation of humans doing amazing things!! It’s incredible what the body is capable of! Read More »


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This poor bicyclist had the most unfortunate ride by crashing into a deer! Bambi seriously came out of no where. Have you ever had an accident like this? Read More »

Christmas Light Display List


Here are the some of the best displays in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas: (disclaimer: we can’t guarantee these will be best light displays you’ve ever seen since some were sent in by listeners, but most of these are spectacular!) Thanks to everyone who sent in! Bloomington, MN (Bob Little) Glowing Tree of Bloomington Facebook Cedar Ave & Old Shakopee ... Read More »

Extreme Caroling!


I have to admit, I never knew this was a ‘thing’. But I’m all for it. I’m just glad the people who live in the house were nice. How many people wouldn’t have even opened the door? Pretended you weren’t home? Opened the door, then closed it again? Pretend you didn’t speak English? Either way… it’s a million kinds of ... Read More »