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Family Guy Spoiler Alert! [VIDEO]

TV Family Guy

I have been a fan of the show Family Guy for years and it has never let me down. The laughs flow and the show is a good break from reality. :) That was until Last night's episode and the sadness that filled my house.

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This Will Make Your Day Better!

The University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital made a very cool and inspiring video to the song Brave! Check it out and have Kleenex ready!

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Guy Sets The Proposal Bar Very High!

This is an epic proposal from a guy named Justin for his girlfriend Emily. This story has an extra special connection to us at KS95 because Justin is the one responsible for the Zach Sobiech documentary and the special celebrity version of Clouds! He put together this new video and it is amazing and emotional and cool! Check it out!

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Kanye And Kimmel Interview Opens Awkwardly!

This is the beginning of the Interview between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West from last night. The only reason I put up this part is because of how awkward Kanye was to Kimmel for the first 4 minutes. He was giving one word answers, staring vacantly and being difficult. The whole interview was priceless but this part will make you slap your forehead.

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96-Yr-Old Songwriter!

This is a very cool and emotional documentary of a 96 year old man named Fred Stobaugh. He just recently lost his beloved wife Lorraine after 75 years and wrote his thoughts down and sent it into a songwriting competition.

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