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Man has seizure while skydiving


It’s a good thing the man’s fellow diver was paying attention to his buddy and could tell something was not right. What a life changing experience, I am sure for both men. Thankfully both are alive and safe. Read More »

Staci & Crisco do The Sitting Rising Test

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Here’s how you do the test and how to add your points: The goal is to get down and back up from a sitting position with minimal support.  Results are based on a scale of one to 10. Score three or less and your risk of dying is five times greater over the next five years. You cross your feet, ... Read More »

What colors are this dress? [POLL]

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Sometimes I love the internet. We get to solve problems like this: It’s blue and black, and I don’t understand how you could even think it’s close to white an gold! Vote now! Let’s settle this once and for all! Read More »

Parents Go to Extremes: Tattoos to match their daughter


When Tanya showed it to her daughter, she said that Honey-Rae “gently touched it and smiled as she said ‘match,’” and then pointed to her own leg.”Parents Go to Extremes: Tattoos to match their daughter. Tanya and Adam Phillips live in the UK and they have a 18 month old daughter named Honey-Rae. Honey-Rae has an unusual rosy colored birthmark ... Read More »