Moon & Staci Photos

Extreme Caroling!


I have to admit, I never knew this was a ‘thing’. But I’m all for it. I’m just glad the people who live in the house were nice. How many people wouldn’t have even opened the door? Pretended you weren’t home? Opened the door, then closed it again? Pretend you didn’t speak English? Either way… it’s a million kinds of ... Read More »

Moon & Staci’s Best of 2014: Round 2


The end of the year is here again and, with it, the many ‘Best of’ lists. In the spirit of friendly competition, Moon, Staci, Crisco and Beaker each chose a favorite song, local show, movie and commercial from 2014. All week we will pit song against song, local show against local show, commercial against commercial and movie against movie until ... Read More »

These Children Will Get an A + From Santa


Watch these adorable children receive some unexpected Christmas gifts with happiness and delight!! Click here to see these cuties.   …. and here is the video of Shannon’s daughter, Fia, receiving a plunger for Easter! Tomorrow, we’ll see how Rudy’s daughter, Kinley, reacts to a bad gift. Read More »