Moon & Staci Video

Look what Staci Found

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This video is from 2009 when Moon came to work one day wearing a new shirt.  Let’s just say that I was a little confused. And he still wears this shirt. All. The. Time. Read More »

Look what Staci Found!

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I was clearing out some files on my computer and found this little gem! Moon got new glasses after we discovered we had the same pair.  (This was pre-LASIK back in 2008.) Read More »

Moon & Crisco’s football bet payoff

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Moon & Crisco made a bet at the beginning of the NFL season that Staci wouldn’t watch a full football game by the Superbowl. The loser had to rub the winner’s feet. When Staci watched and wrote a report on the NFC Championship game, Moon had to payoff the bet and rub Crisco’s feet. Staci’s report is really entertaining for ... Read More »

Thanks Second Hand Hounds for the Kittens!

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Have you seen our Double Your Paycheck videos yet? We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Sara and Second Hand Hounds for bringing in 2 very cute kittens for our filming. The kittens in our video, Louie & Simon, are available for adoption along with lots of other great cats, dogs and other pets. Check out their website ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes of a KS95 Photo Shoot

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Moon & Staci and Ryan & Shannon along with the rest of the on-air staff spent the day taking promo pictures. This video gives an idea of how many poses they have to do. It’s 3 hours of poses in 1 minute! Read More »