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OMGee! I Just Met Ed Sheeran! (Um…No.)

staci ed

Ed Sheeran is everywhere! Literally? Well, if you believe these people he is.  Check out these fans who are a little fooled or are just goofing with Ed’s fellow gingers.  I think #11 is the most convincing. Read More »

Lazy Girls’ Guide To Hairstyling In Your Sleep!

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This is also a great excuse to buy a silk pillowcase… It happens to all of us. You go to the salon and leave looking like a million bucks.  The next day, your hair is just a shell of it’s former fabulousness. How do some women have hair that still looks salon fresh days later? Here’s the secret! (I do ... Read More »

A New Workout! Not Running, Not Crawling, It’s Crunning!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.48.35 PM

I’ll warn you now…it looks ridiculous!  Shaun McCarthy and other Australian residents are running on all fours, or “Crunning.” It combines a fast-paced crawl and a run that’s sure to make you look like you crawled out of a horror film and put on some spandex. Watch it yourself and tell us: Would you go Crunning? Read More »

If this alarm clock doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.

Woman waking up early with alarm clock

Simone Giertz is an inventor who built what is probably the worst alarm clock ever.  It’s also a pretty funny idea. It smacks you in the face! Watch her video and see how she did it.  She is a cool person and pretty funny too.  On her website she says her passion is to build things to inspire people to ... Read More »

Do you know who Elle King’s father is?

Elle King

Have you heard the stories about KS95 artist Elle King’s father? I was shocked, but hearing and seeing are two completely different levels of shock in this situation!! You’ve got to see this picture of the two together side by side! Read More »