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This guy could get a gig on The Simpsons!

Nancy Cartwright, Elizabeth Daley

Brock Baker is a humble voice actor in California who may have a real shot at getting hired for voice work on The Simpsons.  Here’s his audition tape doing all of the voices he is able to do that Harry Shearer voiced.  Now that Harry is not coming back Brock may get his shot!   What do you think?   Read More »

What is your ideal aged man?

George Clooney

Here is a chart that shows what age men women are attracted to at as they get older themselves. And what age women you think men are attracted to as they age. As you might expect, men are creepers. Read More »

The Edge Falls Off Edge Of Stage During U2 Tour Opening Concert

The Edge

The Edge walked too close to the, uh, edge at Thursday’s big U2 concert and fell right off the stage. It was the opening night of the “Innocence + Experience Tour,” but also their big comeback after Bono was severely injured in a biking accident last year. During a performance of “I Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” the Edge ... Read More »