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Owen Wilson Says WOW

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This one is funny! Someone put together a compilation of every single “WOW” from Owen Wilson so far, except for the animated films. Read More »


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Well here is a website where you upload a picture, and the facial recognition feature will tell you how much of a dude you look like. Try it. Its dumb fun. And I like dumb fun. Here’s our same picture from last week with this new website. Read More »

Ryan Gossling joined Vine yesterday to post a video tribute

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The tribute was to the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme that was created by Ryan McHenry.  McHenry died this past weekend after a long battle with bone cancer. Ryan McHenry created several funny Vine videos where he would hold up a spoon of cereal in front of a TV playing different Ryan Gosling movies, so it would look like he was ... Read More »

Crisco’s Challenge: Eat Durian

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Durian is a fruit and a delicacy in some parts of the world. But it smells and tastes utterly disgusting. So we brought in Tom Durian from KSTP-TV to try the fruit that he shares his name with. Crisco tried it as well. Thanks for the challenge Jeremy! Do you have a challenge for Crisco to tackle next? Read More »