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Nerf gun to the eye

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Remember  last week when I posted something and said it was the weirdest thing I have ever posted? I have one that beats that. WTH? Read More »

Moon made GQ’s list of Most Stylish Men?

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GQ put together a list of the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive. And it appears that Mr. Moon made the list! We didn’t even know he was nominated! All those years of dedication to fashion and hygiene have really paid off. Maybe it was the haircut he got from Crisco that drew GQ’s attention. Here are some of the 20 ... Read More »

The final film that Robin Williams did is about to be released this summer.

Robin Williams

Boulevard  centers on Noah, played by Robin, who is a man with a secret, and it weighs heavy on him throughout the film. Variety writes that “this is one of the kindest characters Williams has ever played, which makes his self-imposed turmoil — the consequence of not wanting to hurt anyone, least of all his wife — all the more tragic.” It will be released ... Read More »