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Orange is the New Black Actors in and out of Character

Taylor Schilling

The second season of Orange is the New Black is now on Netflix. It’s the story of a young, upper middle class woman whose life is disrupted by an arrest from a crime she committed 10 years earlier. Before she met her fiance, Larry, she had a relationship with another woman who happened to work for a drug cartel. Now ...

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Remembering D-Day

France D-Day

Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Check out these photos of Normandy Beaches in 1944 and now, 70 Years Later.

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101 Reasons not to be a bridesmaid


20. Because you’re bad at walking in a straight line down an aisle. 21. Because weddings freak you out. 22. Because weddings make you depressed. 23. Because weddings make you really emotional Click here to see the whole list.

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