Moon, Staci & Crisco

Are you smarter than a Fourth Grader?


For the first time in 25 years, math scores dropped among fourth and eighth grade students in the US.  If you were the one taking the test that measures such performance, how would you do? Take this 10 question test and find out – Are you smarter than a Fourth Grader? Read More »

This guy took a $60,000 trip all over the world for just $300!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.53.58 PM

Have you ever planned a trip and said wow what a deal! Well this guy thought the same thing, difference is he really did have the deal of a lifetime! He traveled all over the world with layovers in major traveling hot spots all while in first class! He booked this $60,000 trip all over the world for just $300 ... Read More »

Who Wants to Play Sliceball?

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.02.07 PM

A modern-day samurai showed off his talent with a sword by standing at a batting cage (30 feet away from the pitch) and slicing a baseball in half.  It was going 100mpg. You can see it happen! (It’s repeated in slow-mo at the end.)  I’ve always wondered what the inside of a baseball looked like. Read More »

Find Out What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today!


The popularity of your name is probably different today than it was the year you were born. If you are a man and born in 1983, Michael was the most popular name of the year. Today, if you were given the most popular boy’s name, you’d be named Noah. See the popularity of names since 1890. Today, Staci would be ... Read More »

The latest beauty trend: Hair Tattoos

Woman with hair over face

Just when you thought there was nothing more you could do to look cute, someone comes up with hair tattoos. They’re cheap, temporary and look pretty fancy!  The hair tattoos will stay in your hair until you brush it out or wash your hair. Read More »