Moon & Staci

A food truck exploded Saturday night in Lakeville

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A food truck exploded Saturday night in Lakeville and the family suffered catastrophic damages to their  home and business. Help with anything you can spare as I am trying to pay it forward to a man who deserves this more than anyone I have ever met in my life. Even if you cannot donate please just share their story. -Rocki ... Read More »

This guy’s marriage proposal takes a whole year to pull off

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To show her how much she means to him, he took a moment out of every day for 365 days to ask her if she would marry him. Of course, she didn’t know he was doing this, but this is how he revealed it to her and finally popped the question. Watch the whole thing. I promise you it’s worth it! Read More »

Staci’s Cat Music Experiment


A group of researchers have discovered cats enjoy music. They are not fond of classical sounds though. According to the University of Wisconsin, cats are finicky about their music choices and prefer frequencies and tempos humans might find off-putting. So to please the cats, the research team developed musical compositions just for cats. So I tried them out on my ... Read More »