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22 Things You Can Leave Off Your Resume

Looking for a job? Then you should read this! Sometimes, a little information when preparing yourself for a job search is just what you need to get hired! And it all starts with your resume. Start reading! Read More »

A good Old Fashion Pony Dunking!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.15.59 AM

Sometimes, the horse you’re riding wants to take a bath.. Lets say you are 5 years old. It would be fun to ride a horse right? Unless the horse decides it’s time to take a bath. Enjoy! Read More »

Hey. A Little Help Here?


They say love is blind.  Apparently it is also deaf, maybe drunk and perhaps unable to smell when it comes to this couple. They are canoodling at the bar while the place is being robbed and they don’t notice!   “Can you call 9-1-1, please?…Anyone?…Uh, hello?” Check out the story, click this link Read More »